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  • #16 tracks characters and combat pretty good. I mostly use it for online games but it has some good features and is mobile friendly if you prefer to use a tablet or phone at your table.

    Just remember to set up your NPCs ahead of time so you don’t have to stop for half an hour before combat like I did this week =|

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      Originally posted by Apromor View Post
      I was just fiddling with it. I have to bring down the onslaught penalty myself is that right? It would take some getting used to.

      Does it track how many rounds the actors have been crashed and reset to base after 3 turns, I have a hard time remembering that for my NPC's. Messing around some more, it it doesn't look like it does.
      There's a clock button at the top right to advance to the next turn. If you use it it will take care of resetting crashed characters to base after 3 turns.

      It does reset onslaught on its own but only after a character uses a withering attack, if the character does anything else their onslaught has to be reset manually.
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        I use a board from a boardgame (Guardians of Graxia, do not recommend) that has yellow numbers from 0-29 and red numbers -1 to -10. I use some components from another game (Legacy of the Unconquered Sun, DO recommend!) that have Caste symbols and Immaculate Dragon symbols to mark individual player and antagonist Initiative. This works well for two reasons - one, I don't get any questions on who has what Initiative. Two, it subtly pushes them to actually spend Initiative on decisive attacks when they start accumulating too much, as some of my players who are less system-literate tend to do.

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          I made a tracker sheet which is linked in my bio, and just use glass beads with it. Seems to work well!

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            I've found roll20's turn order tool very useful for Ex3.

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