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Magical Girls in Exalted

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    *is now thinking of Queen Serenity as a soul of Gaia and two of her souls taking feline form.....


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      Thinking about it mechanically, the most iconic aspect of a Magical Girl is the Transformation Sequence. This can be done by either buying artifact armor and weapons and taking the “send/retrieve them from elsewhere” charms or by taking the “produce weapons/armor from your own soul” charms. Or some combination of those.

      If you wanted to emphasize a Magical Girl Exalted game, I’d encourage optional rules making the above charms easier to get: lowering their essence minimum and either removing prereqs or putting near duplicates into other trees. Like granting Solar Craft a charm that lets them store things they’ve personally constructed elsewhere or Solar Occult the ability to pull a spirit slaying artifact weapon from their own soul.

      Alternately an Exigent that manifested their charms as weapons, objects, and tools might work. Instead of having attack boosting charm they manifest a weapon which can be enhanced. Instead of sense boosting charms, they pull binoculars from thin air. And so on.