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(WIP) Exalted Distilled: Reincarnated

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  • (WIP) Exalted Distilled: Reincarnated

    Alright, I've decided to take another stab and redoing Exalted 3e by picking back up "Exalted Distilled." ---it's not a "Lite" system, but rather a streamlining.

    Overview of main differences:
    • Slightly changed Critical Success and Botch rules. Botches should be slightly more probable at larger die pool sizes. As well, introduced the "Botch Number" mechanic, which is an interesting hook for future antagonistic abilities. Probably Infernals.
    • Removed Willpower as a mechanic. Streamlining resources to keep track of.
    • "Initiative" has been renamed "Endurance." Because the name really irritated me.
    • Combat now relies more on static values, but should still retain a dynamic feel.
    • Redefined the Social Attributes. Charisma, Insight, and Composure are the main three.
      • Manipulation is being migrated into an ability.
      • Guile and Resolve redefined accordingly.
    • Abilities are explicitly described as "a selection anticipated to be most relevant," and explicitly not all-encompassing. If you want to make a completely new ability with a completely new charm tree, go for it.
    • Craft has been nuked from orbit.
    • the "Global" Charm-- a way to create and use custom charms on the fly. Intended to give more freedom and creativity to players, while still giving guidance.
      • Will probably be endlessly tweaking this. Needs to be robust enough to use, but not to the point of abuse.
    • "Esoteric" abilities Sorcery and Necromancy have replaced Occult. The mechanical way of becoming a Sorceror is to buy the ability dots, not the "charm" to do so. Narratively and xp-wise should work out to the same thing.
      • Turned the hard limitations of Sorcery and Necromancy circles into a soft limitation. GM's should decided how hard they want to enforce these limitations.
    • I'm fine with most of Sorcery. Small tweaks here and there and to get it to integrate with combat.
    • Decide how I'm handling Excellencies. I want there to be a mechanic--aside from just mote cost--on why you don't just use them every single round. Maybe add in a "recharge" rate? Only can be used every other round?
    • Replace Craft entirely.
    • "Projects" will be a way to roll all long-term projects into one system. Will be mostly based off of Sorcerous Workings. It would be how you do things like "raise an army" or "build a spy network". Anything that player characters do in their downtime, for any ability.
    • Smooth out Martial Arts requirements. I'm thinking they directly pair with the most relevant Ability, rather than having a dedicated "Martial Arts" ability. So most would be paired to brawl, melee, etc. Some of the weirder ones would be based off Socialize or Performance.
    • Streamline the entirety of the Solar Charmset.

    If anyone wants to chat and brainstorm on this (monumental) task, I would love to do so.