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  • Orichalcum - For Real

    I didn't know that, but it seems that orichalcum, the mythical metal of greek legends, has been found:

    The metal has been found in a wreck in the Mediterranean and has the properties of mythical orichalcum.

    But the great secret is that it's not magical. It's only... high-quality brass, that has not been recorded to be created until the middle ages. So of course, it should look mythical to the people of the bronze age.

    And now for the game, we have Orichalcum, the metal of the Solars and the Unconquered Sun, and Brass, the metal of Malfeas being the same thing. How would we spin this?

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    The 2e Ebon Dragon, as always, being a dick. He stole the actual sun gold, replaced it with brass, and stuck a sign on it saying "totally actual orichalcum, dudes."


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      I remember when they discovered this, I thought more then two years ago, and we had a thread on it. My headcanon is what what they called Orichalcum was actually Gold and what they called gold in the days of ancients was the Orichalcum of Exalted, as in myth Orichalcum was a notch below gold in purity while in Exalted it is the True Gold.

      It is a time for great deeds!