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How would you summarize the powers of the various types of Exalted?

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  • How would you summarize the powers of the various types of Exalted?

    You can use this wiki to describe:

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    General: Enhanced resilience, accelerated learning, extreme disease resistance, expanded life span, low grade healing factor.

    Exigent: TBD case by case

    Liminal: Conditional immortality, part assimilation, reanimation,


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      {deep inhalation} …I can't. Not just like that.

      They're complicated persons you see, Aunty. Sometimes they're nice, and sometimes they're nasty.

      And sometimes they just like to sing little songs like "See the little goblin, see his little--

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        Solars are Excellent. They have supernatural skill and they shine with the power of the king of heaven. These Lawgivers are metaphorical champions of light (but exist in a world where might makes right). They are leaders and the most powerful Exalted. Their powers make them flawless and invulnerable, and whilst this is not indefinite it is sufficient to destroy the creators of the world, threats from beyond existence, demon kings and mighty gods. Solars can slay immortals. Solars can build great works, even creating new lands, including the exotic and permanent. They are just as adept at working with flesh or social institutions. They are the invincible god-kings of the dawn.

        Supernatural Condition
        Light Manipulation
        Adaptive Power-Level
        (Nigh) Ultipotence (potential, reached through experience)

        Lunars are the ultimate survivors. They are shapeshifters and tricksters who do the impossible. They are the children of the moon. These Stewards are equal but different to the Lawgivers.

        --Enhanced Condition (Type II)
        --Balanced Mode
        Dark Light Manipulation
        Adaptive Power-Level
        Absolute Condition (potential)

        Sidereals are masters of fate and destiny. The powers of these Viziers are esotoric and inscrutable -- not least of which being their reality warping mystic kung fu.

        Supernatural Condition
        Reality Warping
        Nigh Omniscience

        The Dragon-Blooded are elemental super-soliders. Like the Lawgivers, the power of the Terrestrial Exalted derrives from their supernatural skill. The weakest of the Exalted, they are built to slay demons, little gods, ghosts and hobgoblins. Their powers grow when working cooperatively and they manipulate the elements both literally and metaphysically.

        Enhanced Condition (starting at Type I at adolescence, progressing to Type II with experiance)
        Elemental Manipulation
        Support Powers
        (Rare potential for) Supernatural Condition


        Beyond this, N/A artifacts like The Eye can push anyone to Nigh Omnipotence. But Exalted isn't about "bigger numbers".
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