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    Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
    I hear we don't have the Commoner Noble dichotomy anymore in this edition.
    From whom did you hear it?

    I feel as though the difference between core book Raksha and Adeimantus is more than just Essence level.

    Originally posted by Eldagusto
    But Cataphracts were always noble.
    When Raksha were given Castes, Cataphract was one of the noble ones sure, but it had been a somewhat generic term attached to fighting Raksha since a good deal earlier than that.

    Originally posted by Cydoc View Post
    After reading the write up on Adeimantus, the city begs to be made an unshaped. A sad casualty in 3E.
    What would the city being an unshaped add to it?

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      Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post
      What would the city being an unshaped add to it?
      It wouldn’t necessarily add to it, it would alter it slightly. Let me be clear first I loved the Unshaped from 2E and loved creating and using them. So I am a little biased lol

      That being said, giving it a quasi-sentience with Adeimantus being its “emanation” just makes sense to me. It already has that feel imo. I think the way the character is written is awesome as is, but to me, it seems like its ripe for some tweaks to make it more like an unshaped. Because honestly the character write-up is cool as hell and doesn’t really need any additions. Does that make sense?