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  • Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

    So this is a weird one. I just watched the first episode of the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, I loved the movie as a kid and was really excited. In this the Skeksis rule a vast empire where they subjugate the Gelfling tribes, working through their own nobility to oppress the peasants. They also push forth that as lords of The Crystal all life springs from their labour, and thus are owed tribute and worship as divine beings, beyond reproach.

    Yeah, that sounds familiar.

    So I just thought I'd start a thread to let anyone who wants some good inspiration for the Realm to go check it out, and if anyone has any other insights about Dark Crystal and Exalted we could chat.

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    I always imagined the Giant's of Dis's soul eating crystal to be like the Dark Crystal

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      In an old 2e game, i used the Skeksis in general as reference for the Alaun, both before the Primordial War and in the Underworld.