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  • Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

    So this is a weird one. I just watched the first episode of the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, I loved the movie as a kid and was really excited. In this the Skeksis rule a vast empire where they subjugate the Gelfling tribes, working through their own nobility to oppress the peasants. They also push forth that as lords of The Crystal all life springs from their labour, and thus are owed tribute and worship as divine beings, beyond reproach.

    Yeah, that sounds familiar.

    So I just thought I'd start a thread to let anyone who wants some good inspiration for the Realm to go check it out, and if anyone has any other insights about Dark Crystal and Exalted we could chat.

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    I always imagined the Giant's of Dis's soul eating crystal to be like the Dark Crystal

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      In an old 2e game, i used the Skeksis in general as reference for the Alaun, both before the Primordial War and in the Underworld.


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        It's interesting.

        I certainly see parallels with the Realm. But it really hits notes of the Deliberative to me.

        The Skeksis have a whole First Among Equals vibe going on. Individually they're vastly more powerful than the Gelfling who serve them as faithful lieutenants. They wield magi-tech, live for thousands of years, received their mandate to rule from what amounts to Thra's god/Gaia analogue. Meanwhile the hopelessly outgunned Gelfling live in matriarchal family clans and rely on teamwork to bring down their foes.

        Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent showcase of how the Scarlet Realm oppresses the Threshold and collects tribute. But it feels more like Dragon-Blooded overthrowing the Solars to me.

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          Yes that's a good point, also the Skeksis don't really have any familial ties, or great family networks to rely on like the Gelfling often do, and there simply aren't enough of them to have the kind of great house intrigue that second age DBs have. If I were to show it to somebody I'd probably point to the scientist's experiments, corruption of the Crystal of Truth and disregard for anything, even the stability of the world they rule to be a good example of First Age madness. They also aren't interested in conquering more of the world, like the Realm is.


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            Doofus that i am, thought the topic had something to do with the original film when i previously commented. Found out about the Netflix series - that i have yet to watch - only today.

            But it does sound like most engrossing fodder in its exploration of themes of abuse of power and its misuse spoiling a world and life for all beings around those who rule.

            As an aside for some reason i can't quite put my finger on, the imagery of the Crystal and its corruption by the Skeksis made me think of waypoints and the power to stabilize or shape them.


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              The crystal palace is such a good manse.