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Hybrid Body Transformation and its expansions

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  • Hybrid Body Transformation and its expansions

    I have to admit that I don't feel comfortable about how Hybrid Body Transformation interacts with its related charms. So I will give this a try and see what you think. 😅

    With Hybrid Body Transformation you decide on a Hybrid Form from a "look and feel" that relates to your Spirit Shape. Often this will be some humanoid-type version of your Spirit Shape.

    Regardless of how you describe the Hybrid Form, the only Mechanical Benefits from the charm will be what you get with the 6 points of Merits you select that fits the theme of your Hybrid Form.

    So let's say I have a gorilla Spirit Shape, I might say that I'd like to spend the Merits to give the mechanical benefits of Unusual Hide (3 points) and Mighty Thew (3 points). So even though I describe the Hybrid as a massive slightly more human-like gorilla, the only mechanical benefits will be the increased soak and the higher rating for Feats of Strength.

    So far so good!

    Shifting Beast Nature seems to be pretty manageable to define. This charm let's me build a different version of the Hybrid Form, with completely different Merits or a different distribution (but still within the theme of my Spirit Shape), and choose which of the Forms I take when entering Hybrid.

    It's when trying to figure out what happens with Chimera-Soul Expression and XX it gets a bit iffy.

    If I understand correctly, when applying Chimera-Soul Expression this grants an additional 6 points of Merits to add to your Hybrid Form, which should be thematically appropriate for the additional animal you mix into your Spirit Shape.

    So with Chimera-Soul Expression and Hybrid Body Transformation only, you would have a total of 12 points of Merits to build your Hybrid Form with. Correct?

    How does this interact with Shifting Beast Nature? Would I then have a second 12-point Chimera-Hybrid?

    What about Terrifying Ogre Alteration? Would I potentially have different merits for the different Hybrids with Shifting? The same, but in both forms? Only get the benefit in one of the Hybrids?

    And lastly, do you think it's OK to upgrade Merits with different Merit-point Pools?

    So for instance, the base Unusual Hide is at 2 points, but when activating Deadly Beastman and getting the points from Ogre, this includes 2 points of Unusual Hide and the Shell/Carapace merit, for a total of 4 Unusual Hide made into 8 Armor Soak?

    Thanks for any assistance! 😊

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    It says that you can upgrade merits, that's fine.

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      Originally posted by Rouharu View Post
      How does this interact with Shifting Beast Nature? Would I then have a second 12-point Chimera-Hybrid?
      Yes, but only the mutations from the gorilla shape would change. The six dots you get from Chimera-Soul Expression would remain the same between hybrid bodies.


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        Yeah. It seems like there would be charm space to make something that let you get an alternate set of chimera mutations but this could get messy pretty fast.

        Terrifying Ogre Alteration is the same. The extra mutations are added to whichever hybrid form you happen to be in. And yeah, TOA lets you upgrade merits, same as perfected hybrid interaction does.