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The Ninth Annual Exalted White Elephant

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  • The Ninth Annual Exalted White Elephant

    It's that time of the year! The yuletide once again approaches, so it's time for one of our annual traditions, the Exalted White Elephant! As always the rules are simple:

    (1) To sign up, post in this topic saying that you want to participate. Please be clear on this! I don't want anyone to miss out because I thought someone was signing up when they weren't or vice versa!

    (2) When you post that you're signing up, please share a couple ideas of what you'd like to receive, or at least post some things you particularly like about the game/setting! It makes things a lot easier for your gift giver to get started if they have an idea of what you'll enjoy.

    (3) Sign-ups will be open for a week, at which point I will close the sign-ups. After that, I will assign each person who signed up another participant at random, and notify you via PM. You will then make something for this assigned recipient. This can take the form of just about anything, from character right ups, Artifacts, and NPCs to Martial Arts Styles, Settings, character art or short stories! The point is for it to cost you nothing but your time and creative effort to produce something for your recipient; do what you can!

    (4) Once you know who you are giving your gift to, you will have a couple of weeks to produce something for them. Starting on Christmas, if you're finished, post your gift with "White Elephant for X", where X is your recipient, in the title. However, the holidays are a hectic time, so the due date is New Years Eve, Tuesday, Dec. 31st. This should give you about a month to get your gift ready. Please have your gift posted by New Years! I understand that life life sometimes gets in the way of things, and that's alright. If it looks like you'll miss the due date, please just let me or your recipient know you'll be a bit late.

    If you have any questions give me a shout, Ill be happy to answer them.

    And there we go! Happy gift-giving!

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    And what's the point of organizing this if I won't be participating? I'm particularly fond of Sidereals, so anything related to either Sidereals or Martial Arts, like Divine or Demonic Martial Artists/Dojos, legends of lost styles and techniques, or Martial organizations, for example, would be neat. I also like behemoths, kaiju, hekatonkhires, and other nasty and wily beasties. If you're artistically adept, character art would be awesome!


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      I think I'll throw my hat into the ring as well this year. I myself am fond of Lunars and great beasts, be they behemoths, kaiju, gods or ancient creatures crafted by the titans.


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        I'm in! Last time around I was asking for stuff relevant to my games, and this year I'll be doing the same.

        ​My Sunday game is set in Nexus. I'd like some Guild factors and merchant-princes, and other interested powerful parties to have to work against as my character works to bring about an end to the city's grim history of slavery and murder.


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          I'd like to be in on this. Sign me up.

          I like Solars, I like kind-hearted Solars more. I'd like to see a Solar taking on one of the majors problems of Creation like Slavery, Hunger, or more straight forward issues like the Deathlords. It's one of my favorite things about all of Exalted, but Solars fit the narrative so well as a new rising force in the world of trying to make the world a better place with the might of their power.

          Even if perhaps they forget that everything has a consequence.

          Edit: As a sidenote, my character is also helping Alucard's character do the same
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            I'm in. I would like a reason to live.

            ... oh you mean for Exalted? A strange and otherwordly location for my players to fall into that will make them feel like they aren't in Kansas anymore.

            Please be warned: this is not champagne, this is most likely a duck.

            Message me for Japanese translations.


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              Oo, this was so much fun last year. Count me in!

              I'm currently planning a Creation-spanning campaign, where a group of Dragon-blooded try to investigate what happened to the Scarlet Empress. The players will be playing both the Dragon-blooded and the Sidereals that are subtly aiding their mission. I would greatly appreciate A) a list of reasons/rumours about Her Redness disappearance (I explicitly won't be using the option given and hinted in 2e). B) Some antagonists or other NPC's with potential to interact with both the DB's and the Sids or C) an interesting location or two and some suggestions, why it would be relevant for the investigation.
              ... Or if my gift-giver is inspired to do something else, I'm grateful for any piece of homebrew, fluff or art. (I'm happy to provide more details if needed.)

              I consider myself an entertaining writer of homebrew and fiction, but cannot really draw or compose.


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                I will go again. I like ancient and lost martial arts, strange spirits who can empower or interact with mortals, and even prehumans. Gods and demons more than elementals or Fae or ghosts.

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                  I'm in.
                  I'd like a secret society within the Spiral Academy.


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                    This looks fun, I'm in!

                    Here are some things I'd enjoy in no specific order :

                    -Fiction, Art or Homebrew for a new Artifact, especially weapons of the following type : War Fan, Hand Needle, Boots, Baton.

                    -Fiction, Art or NPC write-up (just their bio, no need to include Charms) for an Exalt. If you're feeling adventurous I'd especially like an Exalt of a type that isn't released yet, such as Liminal, Getimian, Hearteater, Umbral or Dream-Souled.

                    -Fiction, Art or Homebrew for a new Spell, Elemental or First Circle demon.

                    -Fiction that involves other realms such as Malfeas, Yushan or the Underworld.
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                      Signing up for this.

                      I like fiction the best, especially stories of Exalts interacting with mortals or mortal societies.


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                        I'll join in this year as well.

                        My current campaign is set in the Southeast, north of the Dreaming Sea. I'd particularly like Dragonblooded from Prasad, or any type of Exalt who's not from the Southeast area, but has wandered in (Exigents, Solars, and Lunars would all be particularly good for this). Alternatively, a local god (Essence 2-3 level) or the leader of an elemental court would also be cool.


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                          Guess I'll try it and be in !

                          I love scenarios ideas for bound-together characters, usually with few players (2 or 3). Examples : The Dynast prodige and the Leftover, The Inseparable Solar and Lunar that can never reunite, etc ...

                          My homebrew (Leave comments if you want to help improve) : A quick recap of all the pools and stats for Quick Exalted 3E characters


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                            I'll participate.

                            I'm currently running a campaign set around whitewall. So having some ideas or npc's statted, such as a supernatural judge, a high ranking trader, or back stories of an npc would be cool. Or some interesting locations in/around whitewall to flesh it out some more. If interested, the characters are a zealous Zenith, a secretive Abyssal seeking redemption, and a Dawn investigator. The Zenith is trying to get the Syndics to openly support Solars. The Dawn does criminal investigations.


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                              Let's go for round 2~

                              I like Artifacts, particularly Moonsilver ones for the time being; Terrestrial or Celestial Circle Spells with social or strange focuses, as we have plenty of combat ones; Martial Arts that have good synergy with Dragon-Blooded and/or Lunars; Spirits, Fae, Behemoths and other Big Powerful Stuff (if it's summonable or bindable, that's even better); and character art.