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    Originally posted by Beans View Post
    Stunts are still being called one-point, two-point, and three-point in the books, but that's deceptive. I prefer to say first-, second-, and third-tier---or even minor, major, and defining Stunts.
    A first-tier stunt gives you two dice on a roll, or one point on a static value like Defense or Resolve.
    A second-tier stunt gives you two dice AND an automatic success AND 1 point of WP that can't exceed your regular WP cap (so often players just cash that in for another success) on a roll; on a static value, it adds two points.
    A third-tier stunt gives you two dice AND two automatic successes AND 2 points of WP that can exceed your regular WP cap on a roll; on a static value, three points.
    It can be tough to get out of the old "one die, two dice, three dice" stunt mindset, so it's good to keep this in mind.
    Minor, Major and Defining Stunt?


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      That's great terminology.

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      Please spare a thought for updating the Exalted wiki.


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        Being consistent in terminology like that would be appreciated.


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          If OPP wants to make that corebook-official, I will take my... $0.37 in cash or nearly-used-up Panera giftcard form.

          But yeah, I honestly recommend mentally re-labeling stunts that way to avoid confusion.

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