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    Hmm, maybe it needs to interface with dragon blooded charms directly. Like, maybe to the point where it affects aura?

    What if each dragon armour has 5 hearthstone slots, and the wearer counts as being in the auras matching the elements of the hearthstones inserted into it?

    Sticking in a celestial stone counts as having one of the element of the jade it's made from.


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      Originally posted by Sunder the Gold View Post
      I can’t remember any FAA prosthetic. They’re not setting breaking.

      My note was that there was no currently canon person-scale first age artifact weapons or all. I don't think Mela's coil even is.

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        Originally posted by Epee102 View Post

        My note was that there was no currently canon person-scale first age artifact weapons or all. I don't think Mela's coil even is.
        It isn’t and you’re right. But someone may yet come up with an appropriate idea for a personal-scale FAAA (First Age Artifice Artifact). FA3? Fah?

        Anyway, I do think that “anti-poison, sensors, squad-communication, stealth” all share a common theme when you realize the basic purpose is “commando”. Such an armor is made for traversing hostile wilderness to invade foreign territory, avoiding the enemy’s defenses to strike behind their lines.

        There has definitely been multiple sets of five jade armors made for five aspect commando teams of Dragon-Blooded to use for such missions, and Lookshy and the Realm definitely have some of those sets.

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          Originally posted by DrLoveMonkey View Post

          What if all the base bonuses were considered non-charm?
          If the powered armor’s strength-enhancing Evocation wasn’t an attunement bonus, then it probably interacts with an Exalt’s native Strength booster, like Strength-Increasing Exercise or Strength of Stone Meditation, and the Evocation could make those bonuses “non-Charm” when used in the armor.

          Likewise for sensor bonuses and Awareness Charms.

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            Originally posted by Sunder the Gold View Post
            Anyway, I do think that “anti-poison, sensors, squad-communication, stealth” all share a common theme when you realize the basic purpose is “commando”. Such an armor is made for traversing hostile wilderness to invade foreign territory, avoiding the enemy’s defenses to strike behind their lines.

            There has definitely been multiple sets of five jade armors made for five aspect commando teams of Dragon-Blooded to use for such missions, and Lookshy and the Realm definitely have some of those sets.
            Yeah, whatever else particular dragon armors may grant, and some may even just be the lone survivor of a group of five, or just a singular one made for one Lone Ranger, they were built during the High first age for the most elite special agents for the great Dragonblooded families and Celestial Exalted rulers, and in the Low First Age as the shogunate’s special task forces.

            Now in the second age they’re used by imperial agents and Lookshyan commandos to ensure success on missions where failure is absolutely not an option.


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              Coming a bit late into the fray, but here we go....

              Courante & Galliard and Razor Dancer & Wise Steel - or even better, the military colectivity of Brass Legionaries, probably even more ressonant with the peculiar niche of the dragon armors in previous editions - are there to show you can have artifacts that are part of a themed set and still play to the "each artifact is kind of unique and has a legend its own" narrative of 3e, so no problems there i guess.

              Mechanics/scale-wise Dragon Armor's thing was offering a number of benefits/enhancements that were quite helpful when put together, but not exactly world-shaking in and on itself. In fact many of them were similar if straight replicas of dragon-blooded anima effects or Ess1-2 charms. So i feel that trying to kitbash First Age Artifice/Warstrider-style stuff on them is closer to a "it's a First Age rarity, ergo involves First Age Artifice" correlation or "MOAR is better" fallacy than their actual style/themes and not quite the place to go with them.

              They empower/enhance, not just any exalt or essence wielding being but the chosen of the dragons and that's a venue that i feel would be quite thematic to define their niche in 3rd edition. Considering Arms of Chosen has a number of evocations in Arms building up from solar charmms, intimacies or spells, i think it's a perfectly valid way to direct and gatelock fun stuff for dragon armor. Evocations springing from dragon-blooded charms, aura effects, elemental hearthstones &/or spells, immaculate MA charms, the vows of sworn brotherhoods or enhancing/bridging either of these and more could go a long way to make them shine, imho.

              One could even play a bit with things, like messing too much with a kind of aura (specially if not an individual's aspect element) potentially messing with the mind or body of the user, with essence fever/limit break style consequences among other things, in a touch of how high-level artifacts can sometimes overpower their users with their strong instincts/personalities.

              My two cents of thought/gut feelings/etc on the matter of Dragon Armor. Feel free to criticize, comment, nitpick & etc.
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                I'd like to set a five-jade set of armors purposed for infiltration.

                The blue jade armor would aid with Stealth Charms for keeping the squad concealed, Linguistics Charms for silent squad communication and coordination, for using Soaring Zephyr Flight to carry the squad through the air...

                The black jade armor would aid the others with operating underwater.

                The white jade armor would enable tunneling through the ground or silently making doors in walls and seamlessly patching those holes up to hide evidence of their passing, while also enhancing senses.

                The green jade armor would enable traveling through forests and jungles, and have tools to assist with first aid.

                The red jade armor would be quietly storing power the whole time, waiting for the moment when the squad needs to explode into violence.

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                  It might be... useful if we wait to see Gunzosha armor so that we can compare it between the two editions.

                  I do not know how much DrLoveMonkey is tied to the specific features like air filters that have been mentioned several times. But some thoughts I had, of uncertain quality, which might deserve the appellation of FAA:

                  Dragon armor can be linked to other armors which grants various advantages such as:
                  - A mote reservoir that all squad mates can fill and all can draw from
                  - The ability to store, trade, or donate aura states
                  - The ability to count as being in multiple auras
                  - Sense sharing providing defensive bonuses (perhaps something about sharing initiative?)


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                    I'm a firm believer that we should just take Mela's Coil as the new Dragon-Armor.

                    That said... if you wanted to put something together, here's my take.

                    Power Armor

                    Among the most powerful and awe-inspiring weapons of warfare ever forged by the Exalted in the First Age, Essence powered armor (or Power Armor) is a rare relic in the Age of Sorrows.

                    Power Armor created for the Celestial Exalted is usually Artifact •••••, whilst armor for Dragon-Blooded, categorized as Armors of the Immaculate Dragons by savants, is Artifact ••••. Creating power armor requires the Craft (First Age Artifice) Ability (Exalted, p. 243). Power Armor (usually) counts as heavy armor.

                    Like other artifacts, power armor offers Evocations. These Evocations may manifest the metaphysical power of the armor’s Essence, like most Evocations do, or they can represent awakening ancillary systems such as integrated weaponry, light-warping camouflage, or blue jade wings capable of flight.

                    The armor’s pilot must attune to it like any other artifact (Exalted, p. 594), committing ten motes to bond with its Essence. In addition, power armor requires a hearthstone be placed in one of its sockets to power it. Without the stone, the pilot must spend 5m every Round (or approximately every six seconds out of combat) otherwise it cannot operate at all. The pilot doesn’t regain motes from the hearthstone used to power the armor, but the hearthstone’s other effects remain active.

                    Piloting power armor requires both a Lore Specialty and an Athletics Specialty in "Power Armor" in order to be considered "Trained". An untrained user takes a -3 penalty on all actions whilst wearing power armor.

                    Taking an action while piloting power armor is essentially the same as taking that action normally. The pilot uses her own dice pools and may enhance her actions with Charms as usual. The exception to this are Traits that the armor possesses independently of its pilot: its Strength, Soak, Hardness, and Damage Track. She uses these in place of her own ratings, and whilst these values may be enhanced by Charms, she uses her own Traits to determine the maximum number of dice she can add to a roll with Charms (Exalted, p. 251), or for any calculations involved in a Charm.

                    Power Armor provides its own Soak and Hardness ratings (which are treated as bonuses from armor, but do not stack with the user's own Traits): most have Soak 14, Hardness 8. Power Armor has its own Damage Track, completely separate from the pilot’s Health Track. Most have three−0 levels, three −1 levels, six −2 levels, and six −4 levels.

                    Power Armor usually has a Strength score of 5. If the pilot is both trained in Power Armor and has a Strength score of 4+, this increases to 6. A trained pilot also doubles her armor's Strength score for Feats of Strength (Exalted, p. 229), both for determining which feats she can attempt and for her dice pool.

                    Additonally, Power Armor increases the user's speed, offering a Speed bonus on any combat movement rolls or tests of speed the pilot makes. The default Speed bonus is +1. Outside of combat, if the Storyteller uses range bands to track movement or positioning, power armor is capable of crossing two range bands each round. For longer overland travel, power armor is capable of covering (50 + [Speed x 10]) miles in ten hours. (Power Armor typically has a Mobility Penalty of -0, which determines how quickly it takes to don and doff and may interact with Charms. Damaged power armor instead uses its Damage Penalty.)

                    The armor’s pilot cannot be targeted by decisive attacks, nor does she take damage from environmental hazards, area of effect attacks, or similar perils; these damage the armor instead, which is immune to poison, disease, and non-magical environmental hazards.

                    Power Armor operating in the field requires considerable upkeep. To qualify to perform maintenance or repairs, a character must have Craft (First Age Artifice) 1+ and specialized tools and materials (a Resources •••• purchase). For every twenty hours of operation, an (Intelligence + Craft) roll to perform maintenance is required at a base difficulty of (3+Armor's Damage Penalty value), for example maintaining power armor reduced to its -2 levels is Difficulty 5. If a pilot chooses to press on without the required maintenance, the armor takes a single level of decisive damage, which cannot be prevented by any means. Power Armor is repaired as Warstriders are (Arms of the Chosen, p. 142).

                    Most Terrifying Armor of the Air Dragon - Artifact 4 Blue Jade Dragon Armor

                    The sorcerer-armorers of the First Age created many wondrous pieces of armor and protection for the Exalted to use. Where First Age suits of Celestial power armor were invariably singular artifacts customized to the fighting style of their owners, the Dragon-Blooded predominantly relied on hard-wearing models created to outlast their original owners. The five most “common” of these models were collectively known as the Armors of the Immaculate Dragons (or dragon armor for short), with each design meant to accommodate the tactics best suited to a specific aspect.

                    Armors of the Immaculate Dragons appear as jade-alloy suits covering the entire body, with articulated plates and scales so elaborate and finely detailed that they leave no chink of vulnerability for enemies to exploit. Their helmets have reinforced crystalline lenses equipped with advanced sensor devices and filtration masks built directly into the faceplates.

                    The Most Terrifying Armor of the Air Dragon was intended for the hard-hitting blitzkrieg-style warfare favored in the First Age — it stresses mobility and firepower, sacrificing some protection and general utility to gain it.

                    Attunement: 10m
                    Soak: 12
                    Hardness: 7
                    Damage track: −0x3/−1x3/−2x5/−4x5
                    Speed bonus: +2
                    Hearthstone slot(s): 3
                    Era: Five Dragon Crusade

                    Attunement Bonus: Dragon armor sharpens the senses of its wearer, making them more in tune with their surroundings and giving him the ability to see at night as if in broad daylight. In darkness, the wearer ignores all penalties for darkness (this does not remove the normal penalties for cover). During the day, add +2 to all the wearer’s Awareness checks.

                    Additionally, Air Dragon Armor is compatiable with Air Dragon Style Martial Arts as if it were Light Armor.

                    Veil Of Clouds
                    Cost: 5m Mins: Essence 1
                    Type: Supplemental
                    Duration: 1 hour
                    Prerequisites: None

                    The wearer may add one automatic success to any roll to enter stealth or remain hidden, and may roll to enter stealth even if there is not sufficient cover. For the duration of this Evocation, the user takes no penalty for moving (even at full speed) whilst in stealth or re-establishing stealth in combat.

                    Astrological Occlusion Field
                    Cost: 5m 1WP Mins: Essence 2
                    Type: Reflexive
                    Duration: 1 day
                    Prerequistes: Veil of Clouds

                    For a reflexive cost of five motes and one Willpower per day, the armor can envelop itself in a fluctuating matrix of Essence that distorts prophecy. With this field active, all divinations (even Sidereal astronomy and the foresight of the little gods) add two to difficulty when targeting the armor, its wearer or anything touching the armor.

                    Elemental Lens
                    Cost: - Mins: Essence 2
                    Type: Permenant
                    Prerequistes: Elemental Bolt Attack

                    Elemental Lenses were one of the more common weapons of the First Age, although they are found in only limited numbers in the Second Age. A lens can take many shapes — some were made as part of a glove or gauntlet, with the lens device itself mounted on the back of the hand. Others were built into talismans of various sorts, into weapons or into suits of armor.

                    Considered a priority repair if non-functional, the Lenses in Dragon-Armor can enhance the Elemental Attacks of its wearer. The Most Terrifying Armor of the Air Dragon enhances the following Charms when used as Air aspected Charms.

                    Elemental Bolt Attack: The Range of this attack is extended to Medium. The user may spend 1a to increase the range to Long.
                    Elemental Burst Attack: The maximum damage that can be added to each target is raised to (5 or Essence, whichever is higher).
                    Dragon Vortex Attack: The attack benefits from Double-8s.

                    Lightning Gauntlets
                    Cost: 5m 1WP Mins: Essence 2
                    Type: Reflexive
                    Keywords: Resonant
                    Prerequistes: Elemental Lense
                    Duration: 1 scene

                    Crackling lightning flows into the suit's gauntlets: the wearer may attack as if armed with Smashfists. Additionally the shimmering energy sheds light like a torch.

                    Resonant: These attacks count as "unarmed" for the purpose of compatibilty with both native Dragon-Blooded Charms and Air Dragon Martial Arts Charms.

                    Essence Thrust Drive
                    Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3
                    Type: Reflexive
                    Keywords: Dissonant, Perilous, Resonant
                    Duration: One scene
                    Prerequisites: Veil of Clouds and one other Evocation

                    By extending fixed wings set in a sleek delta and diverting power to a central thruster port mounted on the back, Air Dragon armor can fly as swiftly as a horse gallops. This functions as the five-dot version of the Wings Merit (Exalted, p. 167), including the penalty on actions taken in the air.

                    A scene where this Charm is used counts as an additional five hours of operation for the purpose of maintenance rolls.

                    This Evocation ends if the wearer is crashed. If she is in the air, she plummets to the ground, although the armor cushions her from suffering any falling damage.

                    Dissonant: The precision and maneuverability of the armor’s wings is equivalent to that of the Merit’s three dot version.
                    Resonant: The wearer ignores the Wings Merit’s penalty on aerial actions.

                    Dragon's Pinnacle
                    Cost: - Essence: 5
                    Type: Permenant
                    Prerequisites:Essence Thrust Drive, Lightning Gauntlets and Astrological Occlusion Field

                    Whenever the wearer would enter an Aura state, she may enter Air Aura. Additionally, whilst wearing the armor all Air-keyword charms gain the Balanced Keyword.
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