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  • Product Release Schedule

    I was wondering with the new year there was a rough product release schedule for Exalted?

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    You can see regular updates in the Monday Meeting notes. No other schedule is published for the public

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      I keep a list of notes based on the Monday Meeting, and stuff talked about in the dev threads and other places.

      Alpha Stage
      Exalted Essence

      First Draft
      Exalted Essay Collection

      Dragon-Blooded Novella #2
      Many-Faced Strangers

      Second Draft
      Crucible of Legends
      Exigents: Out of the Ashes

      Across the Eight Directions
      Heirs to the Shogunate

      Dragon-Blooded Novella #1
      Lunars: Fangs at the Gate
      Lunar Novella #1

      Art Direction
      Lunars: Fangs at the Gate
      Monthly material

      Confirmed, Status Unknown
      Adversaries of the Righteous Compiliation
      Hundred Devils Night Parade Compilation

      Pitched but Not Confirmed or Cleared
      Sidereals (full title TBA)
      Getimians (softcover, full title TBA)
      Cults and Spirits book (Title TBA)
      Paths of Brigid
      Towers of the Mighty

      Future Exalt Release Order
      Exigents (Kickstarter in 2020)
      Sidereals/Getimians (Separate books)
      Abyssals/Liminals (Separate books)

      Currently Available
      Exalted Third Edition - PoD and PDF
      Dragon-Blooded: What Fire has Wrought - PoD and PDF
      Dragon-Blooded Screen - PoD and PDF
      Arms of the Chosen - PoD and PDF
      Miracles of the Solar Exalted - PoD and PDF
      The Realm - PoD and PDF
      Tomb of Dreams - PoD and PDF
      Adversaries of the Righteous - Monthly material, PDFs
      Hundred-Devils Night Parade - Monthly material, PDFs
      Circle of Protection - Novella, ebook
      False Images - Novella, ebook
      Tale of the Visiting Flame - Comic, ebook
      Tales from the Age of Sorrows - short stories colleciton, ebook

      And stuff.
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        Is there a source of information as to what each of the development stages actually means?


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          Originally posted by Ashuk View Post
          Is there a source of information as to what each of the development stages actually means?
          Top result of a quick google search gave me this. It's long-winded, but it should give you what you're looking for. "How we do what we do"

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