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Child Celestials and aging

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    Originally posted by Mockery View Post
    I'd say it tends to vary from Exalt to Exalt; Exaltation that early in life is vanishingly rare outside of Terrestrial Exalted...
    Even then, it seldom happens to pre-teens. Ledaal Kes is supposed to be an extreme outlier.


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      Originally posted by vampire hunter D View Post to make a 10 or eleven year old Abyssal intimidating?
      Part of the trick is also exposure I'd think. You have more opportunities to do things to make the character unsettling if the character is showing up more often. To use a scene from one of the novels as a reference point, the Shoat in the novel killed at least one mortal with the indication being that they liked the person's eyes and decided to keep them. In my opinion the book kind of wasted it because it didn't come up much, you had mention of the corpse being found, but it was never tied back to the Shoat since there was a different Abyssal in play explicitly killing people for annoying him and to turn the territory into a shadowland and the Shoat's next big scene was a fight against the book's Zenith caste solar. If one wanted to use that trait, but have the Shoat be unnerving then maybe you have the Shoat as an escort or a guard in a scene (something where the players aren't expected to fight it a talky scene for more fun.) and have Shoat getting bored with the conversation and start playing with their "marble collection only to note that there are some getting tossed away because the bag doesn't do anything to preserve them and maybe Shoat gets upset at accidentally squishing one of them.

      Jack the Ripper in Fate has some good ones too. (Ignoring the outfit as that is an entirely different category for why people might be unsettled by the character.) Between Grand Order and Apocraphyia Jack has a tendency to do several things including opening people up so they can eat their victim's heart in Apocraphyia. Grand Order has a scene that implies Jack hunted potential "Mommies" possibly to go back in the womb, also hunted individuals that might become Jack the Ripper on the grounds that no one else can be Jack the Ripper. Bit gory, but you want unsettling stuff from a child character having them snacking on a human heart in the same way a normal kid enjoys a candy bar, or the indication that their victims were used as beds, or just has a list of victims consisting of "has similiar name" or "was mistaken for the exalt" and you'll at least have them on the grounds of the kid is freaky.

      As for a more conventional form of intimidation as opposed to making the kid just creepy. Assassin types work best because you can buy the potential threat of an exalt trained to take you out in the first hit more easily than making them buy that the ten year old is some sort of Sword-god that will kick their butts in a straight fight. Another would be playing up the kid aspect for a social thing to screw with their goals. An example would be that's well connected, presumably through their parents, but are able to play up the adorable kid angle to get people to oppose the party. Like the party eventually figures out that the local noble isn't the one telling all the merchants and such not to sell to the party, but the noble kid playing up people's fear of displeasing the kid's parent or trying to curry favor with the parent through things the kid "niavely" said nearby because its a foolish child. (Social, beauracratic exalts are fun for more obstructive problems.) Which could eventually lead to the fun conflict of the party working out how they're going to murder this child without getting caught or being tied to it owing that murdering children tends to be viewed less favorably than normal murder.