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Pentragram of Venus - charting the course of the Five Maidens of Fate

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  • Pentragram of Venus - charting the course of the Five Maidens of Fate

    So, Exalted's Creation is essentially geocentric. Everything revolves around the Elemental Pole of Earth, the world is flat, the stars are lights affixed to a solid ceiling called the firmament... except for the five planets, but word "planet" means "wanderer".

    But what courses do the wanderers take?

    Apparently, if you track and plot the course of Venus in a geocentric model, Venus describes a pentragram of petals. Very pretty, and very "symmetrical".

    If you do the same with Mars, you get a similar pattern, but not a pentragram, and not quite as symmetrical. The petals of one side are larger than the other.

    I'm having difficulty finding diagrams for the other three "classical" planets: Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn.

    Here's a video of Jupiter.

    Here's a video of Neptune.

    This guy seems to have videos for each planet, and this diagram of Mars is different from the still image of the second linked website.

    I wonder what these diagrams look like when overlaid on each other.

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    Given that Astrology is a thing in Creation and it accurately gives information about the future, I don’t think the planets, at least, can have fixed courses. I mean, if Venus needs to be in the House of the Hawk Star tomorrow to communicate some omen, it will be, regardless of where it “should” be.