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[+] What house rules do you use?

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  • [+] What house rules do you use?

    I had the impression, that this topic was already somewhere in the forum, but now I cannot find it (If I was right, feel free to delete or merge it).

    Tell me about you houserules. Especially the smaller ones, one so minuscule that you wouldn't bother mentioning it in other threads. Why you introduced them? Do they fix something you find a bug or do they intentionally change the tone or scope of the game. You can list just some of them which work particularly well.

    This is a [+] thread, notation borrowed from another forum, so we generally simply do not criticise other's solutions. What we might do is to suggest some different modifications to the same effect. We may ask one another about the practical effects of the changes etc.

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    This hasn't really come up much at all in my current game, where there's no dedicated crafters (a couple characters have some dots in it, but that's it, no charm investment), but I don't have the whole "each Craft type is its own Ability" thing. Instead, when you take Craft, you pick an initial area you focus in, and you can craft that easily, and other fields use your Craft dots, but are penalized based on how distant they are from your basic area of focus. Area of focus acts much like Lore backgrounds, and a crafter can learn new areas of focus at about the same difficulty.


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      Crafts and Martial Arts are both not bought as new Abilities each time, but single purchases to expand your skills. I think this is a pretty common thing at least for the forums.

      This might be a bit more than "small," but we're pretty happy with changing how Craft projects are defined. For mundane projects, we use a more narrative approach were the impact on the story is a bigger consideration. A sword could be a basic, major, or superior project based on how important that sword is. This decision defaults to the player not the ST. So if a player's making a sword and wants it to be a basic project is saying that they don't expect this to be a big deal in the plot, it's a backup weapon for another character, it's a proof of skill, a way to make some quick coins, etc. The player wanting to make a superior project sword is saying this sword is supposed to change the fate of a kingdom even if it isn't magical; it's going to draw the pleasure of a local god to bless a political marriage, be a symbol of this newly merged royal family for generations, etc. Moving it up to an extended check gives the ST chances to add complications to the process (assuming you don't switch to some of the house rules on extended actions out there). Batching items is expected. You don't make one sword per peasant you're arming into battle group, you make a batch of swords for them; the end goal of "arm the new battle group," is what matters.

      This addresses some of the issues with the Crafting rules for us as people that generally like the framework provided.

      The start of a new game is considered the end of a prelude story even if you don't play one for any mechanics that reset/etc. at the end of a story instead of the start of one. It's always silly to me that players don't get to start with some random little thing because a rule was worded that way. There was a "story" before the game actually starts, so that sort of benefit should be available.

      Leaders overseeing projects have a DV of Intelligence + Bureaucracy to defend against attempts to disrupt their projects. This keeps things from being massive roll drive efforts, but it gives Bureaucracy something to do in the basic rules, and makes Exalted rule over huge swathes of Creation make more sense as they're just more resilient institutions (though you don't have to be Exalted to have a DV 5 institution like the Guild around).


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        PCs can upgrade to Essence 2 at 48 exp spent instead of 50. This is to avoid the awkward limbo state where you have enough exp to raise your Essence in theory, but you can't actually spend the required 50 exp on Charms until you reach 60 exp 2 games later.


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          Originally posted by Epitome View Post
          PCs can upgrade to Essence 2 at 48 exp spent instead of 50. This is to avoid the awkward limbo state where you have enough exp to raise your Essence in theory, but you can't actually spend the required 50 exp on Charms until you reach 60 exp 2 games later.
          I actually really like that limbo, it incentivizes PCs to spread out by picking up a 10xp Charm. It's a fun dilemma: Pick up my first E2 at 58XP at a 2XP surcharge, or skip the surcharge but have to wait until 64XP for my first E2 charm?


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            Flat XP costs, and switching to using XP for chargen instead of BP. Scaling costs are bad design, and so is BP. Fortunately, we've known this for a while and so it was trivially easy to convert

            I also changed how solar XP works so that everyone has the same total. Whenever anyone meets one of the conditions, everyone gets +1 solar xp. Same 4xp cap.


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              Does “Tracking whether you actually earned your Solar XP’s too much of a bother and I interpret the requirements generously enough anyway that I’m quietly just assuming you did” count as a houserule?


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                I limit Craft to 6 Abilities - if you buy that much, you're a master craftsman, nuff said. Specifically Weapons, Armor, Structures, Jewelry, Food, and Essence (Corresponding to Fire/Water/Earth/Air/Wood - and Essence).

                I give 2 bonus silver xp as a separate role bonus for any crafter that remembers to craft something, even if they fail all the criteria and/or the project. This is in addition to the regular bonuses (At least in my Celestial game. It hasn't come up for the Dragon-Blooded).

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                  Handwave training times if what they're buying is just improving stuff they use in-session.

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                    The Burning Name (from the Pact with an Ifrit Lord initiation) has the Flame tag.


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                      Character creation works like V5, players can pick from different packages that are all worth the same amount of xp.

                      Battle groups deal (Size + Drill) dice of damage to crashed targets instead of one-shotting the Black Claw stylist while being completely irrelevant to the guy in artifact heavy armor.

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                        When purchasing Excellencies, including with your character-creation charm picks (but not with the 5 free excellencies), Dragonbloods count Excellency cost as half normal. For starting charm picks, each one buys 2 Excellencies. I also use flat XP and replace BP with a pack of starting XP; if you have leftover starting XP you can't spend (because the flat XP costs I'm using don't have anything cost 1XP), that gets transferred over to your Solar/Lunar/Dragon/Whatever XP.

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                          The golden Rule, the orichalcum rule, and the storyteller rule are known as the abusive GM rules and are not applied.


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                            Originally posted by Hark View Post
                            The golden Rule, the orichalcum rule, and the storyteller rule are known as the abusive GM rules and are not applied.
                            Leave the thread.

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                              Once you have bought a Craft or Martial Art, any new purchases of lower or equal dots only cost half xp rounding up.

                              Whenever you buy a dot in any craft, you get one silver point. Buying your fifth dot in a craft gets you one gold point also. This applies at character creation as well. I suppose if anyone ever bought the craft xp to craft dots charms I'd have to revise this.