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What are the most and least popular supernal abilities?

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    Originally posted by Lanic View Post
    I think that the status of Thrown is rather easy to explain.

    Thrown charms seem mostly designed to support sneaky ninjas with shurikens. If you want to play a sneaky ninja, you cannot peak Thrown supernal, and you would probably like to take Stealth supernal anyway.

    ‚ÄčOh, The Wizard of Oz, I somehow missed your post.
    Thrown has a lot of ninja tricks.

    But there's plenty of scope for other builds.
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      Originally posted by Jefepato View Post
      I'm honestly surprised to hear that Occult is so popular. I know it does a lot of cool things other than sorcery, but sorcery still feels like Occult's main draw, and Supernal Occult doesn't get you sorcery any faster.

      I guess people must really like interacting with spirits.
      Ephemeral Induction Technique is an attractive option. Even compared to demon/elemental summoning, it offers an ultimate swiss army knife since you build your God or Fae as PCs rather than QCs, per a ruling in Ask the Devs. Then you use GET to destroy it and you can use the charm again without waiting a full season.

      Like Stealth for Nights, it is the ability that matches the Twilight anima so it's easy for people to be drawn to it. Especially if you're a new player, take a look at Craft for the first time and decide "nope". It's not necessarily the best ability, but with spirits described as nearly everywhere and often belligerent, it can be useful in a variety of situations so you feel less niche. Plus it has lots of E4/E5 charms, so if you want to make the best use of your supernal advantage (as opposed to War) then it tricks into feeling you're getting better value.

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        The players in my new campaign (I am ST) with 3 Solars have taken Martial Arts, Martial Arts and Melee. It basically started with one player copying their L5R RPG character, a Kakita Duelist, into Exalted maxing all 5s in all combat-relevant areas, Supernal Martial Arts, and a Reaper Daiklave from Merits. The others went like "wow, you can start with a finished endgame fighter? I have to do this!" and there we go


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          My last game had a supernal Craft Twilight and a Melee Dawn.


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            In my character-tracking web app, Lot-Casting Atemi, there are 2587 Solar characters in the system right now. Here's the breakdown:
            • Archery: 48
            • Athletics: 72
            • Awareness: 40
            • Brawl: 106
            • Bureaucracy: 54
            • Craft: 140
            • Dodge: 53
            • Integrity: 33
            • Investigation: 42
            • Larceny: 96
            • Linguistics: 29
            • Lore: 106
            • Martial Arts: 112
            • Medicine: 41
            • Melee: 205
            • Occult: 181
            • Performance: 82
            • Presence: 197
            • Resistance: 121
            • Ride: 15
            • Sail: 13
            • Stealth: 130
            • Socialize: 98
            • Survival: 37
            • Thrown: 14
            • War: 43
            • None selected: 479
            And for custom/homebrew/houserules characters (which could include anything from Solars with houserules re: Supernal to homebrew Abyssals and whatever else), there's a smaller breakdown:
            • Investigation: 3
            • Occult: 7
            • Martial Arts: 16
            • Integrity: 5
            • Stealth: 8
            • Lore: 3
            • Sail: 2
            • Socialize: 6
            • Presence: 10
            • Performance: 9
            • Ride: 1
            • Craft: 5
            • Medicine: 5
            • Thrown: 1
            • War: 3
            • Survival: 2
            • Brawl: 5
            • Dodge: 2
            • Melee: 9
            • Larceny: 3
            • Awareness: 1
            • Resistance: 2
            • Linguistics: 1
            Take these stats with a grain of salt, though. I don't have a way of knowing whether any of these characters have seen actual play. Also, this doesn't differentiate between PCs and NPCs at all.
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              The Occult supernals kind of surprise me, I didn't think spirit stuff was that popular to be up there with Melee and beating Craft and Stealth.


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                Partly, I think that despite it not being directly useful, Occult feels very appropriate as a Supernal for a sorcerer. So there's probably a lot of sorcerer characters who have Occult supernal and then maybe don't actually take a ton of Occult charms.
                And even despite that, there's probably enough exorcists, demonologists, priests, shamans, etc.

                But it is actually quite a useful ability that covers a lot of stuff; detecting and analysing magic (very useful), fighting spirits, dealing with curses, commanding your own bound spirits, even surviving serious damage. My Zenith has a ton of Occult charms.

                I'm actually surprised that Presence is 2nd, because I don't like the Solar Presence tree, but I guess a)the best Solar presence charms are up at Essence 3 or so, so Supernal is very useful for a Face character, and b)other people seem to like that tree more than I do.

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                  Now that is interesting data from Lot Casting Atemi.