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What is the best combination of three Martial Arts?

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    Wood Dragon plus Golden Janissary against a spirit who is also a Creature of Darkness is pretty great. A demon hunting monk would love that combo.


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      Personal Favorite is Silver-Voiced Nightingale/Laughing Monster/Swaying Grass Dance, it's great for a trickster martial artist that isn't into the demonicness of Black Claw.

      Jubilant Battle Proposition lets you reflexively activate Nightingale Form of your join-battle, then you can reflexively slip into Laughing Monster Form after someone attacks you and you defend with the evasion bonus from Nightingale Form, so you don't have to worry about not geting your form up.

      Using your Voice of the Night Bird 'weapon' for withering attacks that you can flurry with influence, and Laughing Monster for unarmed decisive counter-attacks and gambits, you have incredible action economy.

      You can use the reflexive influence rolls from Laughing Nightingale to give people negative intimacies toward you for Deeper-Into-Trouble.

      Hearing the Hearts Song (with the Master effect) has incredible synergy with Laughing Monster Form. With socialize charms you can steal 15+ initiative, which on top of the 3 lost for missing a decisive lets you counterattack for ~20 decisive without reseting to base (or spending the initiative you stole).


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        May I suggest an 'unofficial' Style called 'Man, Made Missile' Style. All it is is using existing Brawl,Thrown,and Athletics with the understanding of "There is no difference between my enemy and my ammunition."

        Artifacts that help with Feats of Strength and grappling, give bonuses to improvised weapons, and grant the thrown quality to improvised weapons or people you are grappling, would be helpful.

        This is a great way to chew the scene and get stunt bonuses.


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          Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
          I was in fact wrong; shouldn't answer questions before I've had my coffee.
          Editted, appreciate the clarification. Thanks for your time.

          Hi, I'm JohnDoe244. My posts represent my opinions, not facts.


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            So this is foul necromancy and I should probably wait to bring this thread back untill we get some new MAs with Many Faced Strangers but this combo is too fun.

            Solar Dodge to Seven Shadow Evasion
            Laughing Monster to the Form charm
            Crane to Mournfull Cranes Cry

            Someone attacks you with a doomcombo, you activate SSE and they lose initiative thanks to its prereqs., letting you activate Laughing Monster Form which triggers a decisive counterattack with a war fan (that doesn't reset you to base initiative) that you can enhance with Mournfull Cranes Cry to bounce the doomcombo back at the attacker.

            Single Point stylist goes splat.
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              Can you use your Form-granted counterattack against an attack that processed before the Form was active though?

              Probably better to enter the Form by pissing them off enough that they take a swing at you.


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                Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
                Can you use your Form-granted counterattack against an attack that processed before the Form was active though?

                Probably better to enter the Form by pissing them off enough that they take a swing at you.
                I mean Crane Style specifically tells you you can, but you might also read this to only mean Crane Form.


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                  Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
                  Anyone have a recommendation for DBs? I'm particularly interested to see if anyone has any ideas that aren't all about Immaculate Dragon Styles.

                  My friend uses Snake/Air Dragon/Crane. There's some interesting stuff going on, but they don't seem to gel perfectly.
                  Sorry, another Immaculate style one, but as this thread has come up again thought I'd add this that has proven the most fun we've had MA combos and the Divine Heritage merit: we have a fae-blooded DB NPC (recruiter for the Cult of Violet Fangs) in our game who combines Water Dragon and Snake with the the Soul-Thieving Method Eclipse charm from the Doppelganger from HDNP.

                  Combo-ing Armour-Penetrating Fang Strike with STM and Theft-Of-Essence Method and then using Essence-Dousing Wave Attack to nix form was hella WP intensive but shut down our PC Earth Dragon user, was a real "Sit DOWN boy, the grown-ups are talking" moment. Not an optimal combo I don't think, but felt very characterful.

                  Anyone else done anything fun with MAs and Eclipse charms?
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