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Dogs are lame, cephalopod are the cool new pets for gay Chosen

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  • Dogs are lame, cephalopod are the cool new pets for gay Chosen

    It's an animal write-up thread! For both magical and non-magical one, and also non-animal too, as long as it's something that you can go all pokemaster on with Survival charms ~

    The no.1 fan of Demetheus. I also draw Exalted things and is looking for commission works ~

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    Eldritch Fish

    A cephalopod species native to the water between the Cinder Isles and the Caul, these strange squids have leathery and wrinkly skin reminisce of elephant's hide, while adults can often grow to gargantuan size at the lower ocean depth, most specimen usually only as big as a human. These animals are lonesome wanderer, nobody knows how they reproduce or their feeding habit, most humans only ever encounter them as washed ashore corpse.

    An eldritch Fish's hide can be made into various equipment and the taste of their meat is said to be "out of this world" according to one king from the Isle of Emerald. A Terrestrial smith has used these animal's hide in one of their work and the armor has displayed various feats of spatial transformation which hints at the species' magical ability.

    Essence: 1; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 6 dice

    Health Levels: -0x4/-1x2/-2/-4/Incap. Most eldritch fish will attempt to flee after their -0 health level has been filled.

    Actions: Disrupting Magic: 7 dice; Feats of Strength: 10 dice (may attempt Strength 5 feats); Fly: 6 dice; Senses: 4 dice; Stealth: 5 dice; Swim: 6 dice; Threaten: 7 dice
    Resolve 4, Guile 1

    • Attack (Arm): 8 dice (Damage 6B)
    • Attack (Beak): 6 dice (Damage 8L)
    • Attack (Grapple): 9 dice (11 dice to control).
    • Combat Movement: 8 dice
    • Evasion 4, Parry 3
    • Soak/Hardness: 10/7
    Special Abilities

    Non-Existent Existence: Eldritch fishes unravel their conceptual body to phase in and out of this reality, allowing them to reestablish surprise without cover. Surprised attacks benefit from this effect cause Aggravated damage as the enemy's flesh briefly comes into contact with the fish's unreality.

    Unstable Aberration (Latent): A trainer can teach the fish to disrupt the intricate webs of essence weave by sorcery, the animal gain the ability to perform countermagic and distortion.

    Abominable Mist: The fish discharges a foul and rotten-smelling green gas from its mouth, poisoning everyone in front of it out to short range using the arrow frog venom trait as long as they fail a (Dexterity + Dodge) roll against a Difficulty of 5. Once per scene unless reset by crashing an enemy who is currently poisoned.

    Dimensional Dissection (Magical, 10m): While it's grappling enemies, the fish's master can overcharge it with essence and cause the fish's body to constantly shift and move while the enemy is torn apart. The fish immediately performs a decisive savage attack on every enemy it's grappling using a damage pool of 10L.


    More Arms than You
    : Grappling flurry only suffers -1 penalty.

    Magical Flying Squid: Lacking any fins, eldritch fishes float through water (and air) using some unknown means.

    Eyes of the Depth: The beast can see in darkness without suffering any penalty.

    Slimy as Ooze (Latent): An eldritch fish can be trained to effectively use their boneless body, letting them ignore any knockback or prone effect that isn't enhanced by magic or performed by a being with great size.
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    The no.1 fan of Demetheus. I also draw Exalted things and is looking for commission works ~


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      I love the Eldritch Fish! I’m gonna use them if I ever run Exalted. (Eldritch means occult, right?)

      It’s really cool that you’re gay.

      The die is cast.

      Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon


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        *quietly pockets Eldritch Fish for his west game*

        Don't mind me... just here to do the cleaning...

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