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    I don't think we have a video game thread, so I'll post it here. I don't know the game but I found the trailer was interesting from an Exalted point of view, with many things happening on screen relating to one or more Exalted typical power tropes.

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      Originally posted by FMA245 View Post
      Is very Exalted

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      For anyone that doesn't mind spoilers for later parts of the story the webtoon here's an example of Wyld Hunt fighting a Beast optimized Solar and his Exigent partner. The scene goes from chapter 412-419.


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        Another non-anime animated production.
        White Snake (2019) Chinese movie from Light Chaser Animation Studios that's a prequel to The Legend of the White Snake, it's one of the most Exalted things I've ever seen. Like it could've been in the Suggested Resources for Fangs at the Gate.

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          Hmm... I don't have many current ones!

          This is not to say that I don't like modern anime, it's more a question of a shift in what anime are *about*. Anime that I find suitable for Exalted are very "High and Low"; they're characterised by being about people who are emotionally mature adults, or children who've had to grow up fast, who live in a society that is characterized by unjust social problems and they've faced and face challenging circumstances and choices, they're often marginal or outside society in some way (orphans, vagabonds, political rebels), but still ultimately respond with character... despite that they may not make the right choices always.

          They ideally should be from a fantasy or jideigeki (historical Japanese) setting: Ninja Scroll, Berserk, Sword of the Stranger, Dagger of Kamui, Escaflowne, Scrapped Princess, Samurai Champloo, Princess Mononoke. But it's not obligatory - Akira, Wings of Honneamise, Nausicaa, Grave of the Fireflies, Trigun, Wonderful Days, Vampire Hunter D and so on all work well despite being well outside fantasy in a strict sense (at most, sci-fi with elements of fantasy). There can be elements of comedy, but there's also usually some element of serious moral questions about society and justice and how we can prevent war. (Despite why its never been foundational to me, this is also why I think so many people love Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel Korra as an "Amerime" inspirational to Exalted, because it absolutely has those themes.)

          Anime these days and for a while, subjectively to me (as perhaps a grumpy middle-aged person), seem to shift more to being about teenage angst and growth in personality (that whole Evangelion lineage of things) that its mostly teenage audience empathize with immediately, and to people who often live in relatively privileged circumstances, and who really confront secret conspiracies, and there's often a very big dose of comedy and slice-of-life elements (and fanservice!). This is not really a "bad" thing! But it does mean that, even for works where you may have many more elements that are surficially, on the surface, like Exalted, in the sense of being replete with supernatural martial arts, Shinto and traditional Chinese gods who intervene frequently in the world, and so on, well, those things don't really hit my personal spot for Exalted inspiration.

          This is not to say I don't love a lot of recent anime; for a short list, pretty much anything recent by Makoto Shinkai, by One (OPM, Mob Psycho), by Studio Trigger (Promare), are absolutely still some of the best anime you'll ever see! Great creative work is still happening. And there are lots of anime from across its history that I love that are totally outside that Exalted-y sweet spot.


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            Technically not an anime, but I advise looking a bit at the game Indivisible which has some good inspirations.

            The transformation cutscenes are interesting, and I also think that the enemy of the game is a good inspiration for a Primordial and the ending fights against her is a good inspiration of what fighting one or a 3rd Circle Demon could look like.

            Here is the videos just for the transformations, I think the 3rd one has a solar-y touch to it :

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              Friend just introduced me to Wu Shan Wu Xing (Fog Hill of the Five Elements) and goddamn is it a beautiful piece of inspiration. It also apparently only has a six person animation team.

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                I watched a garbage anime called Apocalypse Zero, but the antagonist had a good infernal exalted vibe to her, and the "tactical evils" would make good demons.