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What do your Circles look like?

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  • What do your Circles look like?

    Single-Patron: All players are the same type. All Solars, all DBs, all Lunars, etc.

    Odd Man Out: All players are the same type, except one (or maybe two, in a large group). A Lunar Mate or a Gold Faction Sidereal in a Solars game, a Solar Mate in a Lunars game, that one guy who always wants to be a Dragon-Blooded, etc.

    Keychain of Creation style: Free for all. Players are of many types, with no one type being the majority. A Circle of a Solar, a Lunar, an elder Dragon-Blooded and an Abyssal, for instance.

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    Single patron.

    There's 4(-ish) PCs. Mnemon's great granddaughter, her Cynis Husband, her outcaste took-the-Coin-then married into House Mnemon sister-in-law, and her husband's sister who is a magistrate.

    There's also an extended cast of NPCs: The Mentor mother, the Retainer children, generic NPC father, aunt etc.

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      I guess 1 of each?

      I run a game with 6 Lunars.
      One game I play has 2 Lunars and 4 Solars.
      The other game I play has three Solars, a Lunar, two Dragonblood and a Raksha. It's previously included more Lunars, a mortal, an Alchemical and an Infernal, though I would say it's always been at least half Solars.
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      Thutmose-Osiris, seventh son of a seventh son, descendant of the Supreme Deity Sukhmet, renegade demigod and bearer of the Ghoul-Banishing Bow. Also bright green.


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        For my game- Zenith, Twilight, Midnight, Daybreak, Changing Moon, Wood Aspect.

        The duality between the Solar and Abyssal Castes is entirely unintentional.

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          My Sunday game had an Odd Man Out circle, all Solars save one Dragon-Blooded, though since then a Lunar has joined as well.


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            It varies from campaign to campaign. In 2nd Edition I ran or played in games that featured:

            5 Solars (all castes)

            2 Solars (Eclipse, Twilight), 1 Lunar (No Moon), 1 Infernal (Slayer), 1 Abyssal (Day)

            2 Lunars (No Moon, Full Moon), 1 Dragon-blood (Fire), 1 Solar (Zenith)

            1 Solar (Dawn), 2 Abyssals (Dusk, Day), 1 Lunar (No Moon), 1 Sidereal (Secrets)

            3 Solars (Dawn, Night, Zenith), 1 Lunar (Changing Moon)

            And play-by-post games that featured every kind of exalt

            And that's just my longer-lasting campaigns. I also had several shorter games, about half a dozen sessions apiece, that were generally mono-type: all Infernals, all Sidereals, etc. There was even one that was all mortals. In 3rd Edition my games have all been mono-type, either all Solars or all Dragon-bloods (two of each type so far).


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              Currently plain in an all Solar game (1 of each caste) and run an all Dragonblooded game (one of each aspect, all Realm Scions).


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                Let me see:
                I ran one game early in 1e where there was no option BUT to go Single Patron, and a handful of con games like that.
                I ran a Free For All later with a Solar, a Lunar, and a Dragon-Blood.

                Odd Man Out: all Solars except for one truly horrible Day.
                Odd Man Out: All Solars except for one Lunar. (x3)
                Single Patron: Sidereal.
                Single Patron: Abyssal.
                Odd Man Out: All Solars except for the occasional Lunar.

                Single Patron: Solar. (x2)
                Free For All: I expect? None of us have Exalted yet and this game which met in person has been placed on hold for painful and painfully obvious reasons. But right now we have a couple players who are almost certainly Solar, one who could go Lunar or Solar, one who's pretty much GOING to be touched by Luna, and one kid who's young enough that they might well be blessed by Mela.


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                  My current group started out as a single patron Lunar circle. We have a Full Moon bounty hunter, a Changing Moon smuggler, a No Moon gambler, and a Casteless cat burglar. We've since added an Odd Man Out, their mentor's mate, a Twilight physician.


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                    Most games were exalt salads. Currently there's one "all solars(all dawns!!!)", a "dbs and sids", an "odd man" of solars + a db, and a celestial salad of lunars, solars and abyssals.


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                      Usually free for all unless it's a themed game. Current game is 2 Eternals, 1 Lunar and 2 Solars


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                        First game we did was all Solars because I was trying to introduce my players to the game. After that almost all our ongoing Circles have been mixed, though we've done a few one-shots here and there with single Exalt types (all Lunars, all Dragon-Bloods, even one with all GSPs).

                        The best chronicle we ever did was one where we had two Circles going at once, and alternated between them each session. One was a mixed Circle of mostly Solars and Lunars, that also included one Sidereal and one rogue Abyssal. The other was an Assembly of Alchemicals who had just returned to Creation, and trying to find the Eye of Autochthon. Basically we were running both sides of the Locust Crusade at once, and it went even better than I hoped.

                        But despite the sheer awesomeness of the campaign itself, I remember that one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game was roleplaying the cultural misunderstandings the Autochthonians had while trying to adapt to Creation. They spent an hour trying to communicate with a cactus by holding their arms out at right angles, imitating its branches; it was fucking hilarious, everyone was in stitches. They all loved it so much that when our two separate Circles finally met and interacted with one another, the players made it a practice to hold their arms out like cacti whenever they were speaking as their Alchemical character.


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                          4 Solars, 2 Dragon-Blooded, 1 Erubian.

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                            Originally posted by Lioness View Post
                            4 Solars, 2 Dragon-Blooded, 1 Erubian.

                            Ok that's a new one on me. What's an Erubian?