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Dragonblooded Fair Folk Sleeper Agent?

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  • Dragonblooded Fair Folk Sleeper Agent?

    I know a fair bit about exalted lore, but I don't know a lot about the Fair Folk since I didn't read any of the 2e info on them and 3e doesn't have much as yet.

    Is it lore appropriate to make a Dragonblood who was taken by the Fair Folk at a young age and implanted with screen memories (or given certain experiences before being given back to his family in the Realm) as a sort of sleeper agent for weakening the bounds of creation by weakening the Realm from the inside? The way this would play out is, (if the player I have in mind likes it) there would be a moment where, upon making contact with some Freehold artifacts, a dragonblood would suddenly have the 'screen memories' of their past torn away and remember their identity as an ally of the Fair Folk in spite of their Dragonblooded nature.

    Is there anything in the lore that makes this implausible or impossible? Or is there anything LIKE this in the lore that gives it some plausibility?

    Second question:
    What other options are there like this in creation? Could a Sidereal do this with a person? Make an "arcane fate" for another instead of for themselves, then activate them when the time was right?

    Either way I'd love any quick resources on the Fair Folk. Does their unique kind of magic and abilities work outside the Wyld/Freeholds? Would a Fae artifact function inside an exalted manse?

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    Do you have Heirs to the Shogunate? I ask because aside from the initial abduction this is a move right out of the Forest Witches playbook.

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      I was going to say the same thing as Lioness on the Forest Witches...

      In addition to this, in Heirs there's also the Cult of the Violet Fang, who are basically a line of fae-blooded DBs who conduct pilgrimages into the Wyld to meet their ancestors and are then put through ordeals by said ancestors to earn boons/favours/get driven mad (it very much comes across as you never get something for nothing when dealing with the Fair Folk). So there is canon examples of DBs surviving in the Wyld and being transfigured in all sorts of ways by the fae while there, so can totally see your premise working. Sounds great.

      If of interest, spoilered below is a named NPC from the Cult who is in the ballpark of what you're proposing. It wouldn't take much for his enhanced ambitions to have, say, actually been planted by a devious fae during his pilgrimage as part of a plot to create a rival to – and thus weaken – the Realm for lolz. Picture him visiting the northern satrapies and enlisting his former legion buddies or some pliable young Dynasts before finally getting the scales lifted from his eyes and realising his mind was not truly his own at the most devastating moment. Afer all, no one says those ancestors have to actually like you...

      (We have something similar-ish going on with a Cult member NPC ally ruffling feathers in the Realm, having recruited two hotshot young DBs so far.)

      Oroshi the Spear-Bearer, a renegade Realm outcaste who fled the purge of the Imperial legions, returned from his first pilgrimage with a foe-shattering lance in his hand and undying wonder in his heart. Filled with the zeal of the newly converted, he wishes to share the pilgrimage’s horrors and beauty with all Northerners. He proposes more aggressive recruitment of Dragon-Blooded and mortals alike, to build the Cult into a grand army. But if he’s to lead an army, why stop there? He’s started dreaming of himself as Emperor of the North, and seeks ambitious young Dragon-Blooded as lieutenants in his cabal.
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        I don't - I haven't even heard of it. I should look it up and buy though.

        I just have a player with a preference for weird origins who's in a dragonblood game, and I'm trying to think of ways to make a dragonblood ALSO be something totally weird and have otherworldly origins. The way it would work is when he encounters a Fae construction in a manse (it's a manse that was chosen as a defense point against the fae, then became a freehold for a short while when they pressed into creation, then was converted BACK to a manse again after all that), he's going to regain his memories as an agent of the Free Folk.

        Do you think this is feasible?

        Also, what books would give me a better idea of what the Fae are up to and into in Exalted? I know the basics - ever changing, hate "solid state" existence, eat souls, etc - but it wouldn't hurt to get an idea about how interactions with them play out in more concrete ways, and what their more tangible goals are.

        Last question:
        Creation used to be 10 times its current size in the First Age. So... were the elemental poles 10 times further out? Do the poles automatically move in or out as creation expands and contracts? I can ask this separately in another thread but if anyone here has the answer it would be great to know it.


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          The certainty sounds fae-ish. But, fake memories also sounds like a thing that might get burned away by the moment of Exaltation. Kind of a “that moment when you are most yourself, but also have the most energy of the Dragons running through you.” No rule about what happens at Exaltation though.

          What about getting captured after Exaltation? They disappear for a couple weeks then show back up, with altered memories of that period. Maybe this version is more Sidereal though.

          Dunno if there are charms (or a whole element) that could undo memory tweaking to ask the player to avoid until after the reveal.

          Are there any bargains a DB might make with fae? Make a memory loss part of the deal?


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            Yes actually, a deal that involved memory loss after exaltation could work. I was also considering a Sidereal thing - I'm curious if they can do the equivalent of "arcane fate"ing someone other than themselves. I mean would they be able to overwrite someone's destiny with the loom of fate? Or even their past? No time travel of course but could they change past events through the loom of fate?