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Henchmen and Heroes (Heroic Mortal Builds)

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  • Henchmen and Heroes (Heroic Mortal Builds)

    The Exalted are awesome, and awesomely powerful. But they are not the only heroes and villains in Creation. Below are some examples of heroic mortals built according to the 3rd Edition rules. Drop them into a campaign as exceptional people, steal them as two dot retainers, or use them to show the difference between a lifetime of skill and Exaltation. In their areas of expertise they may even challenge young Exalts who aren't focused in that area, but a pair of threes and an Excellency will usually put even a rookie Exalt over the top.

    Houserules:. For mortals, the Martial Artist merit costs only a single point.
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    Steel Ribbon Warrior, Salon Master of Lookshy
    Concept: Master Duelist (Musashi)

    Str: 1 Per: 3(4) Cha: 2
    Dex: 4 Int: 2 Man: 2
    Sta: 2 Wit: 4 App: 2

    Awareness 3 (5) - Join Battle
    Brawl 1
    Martial Arts*: Single Point 3 (5) - Exceptional Slashing Swords
    Dodge 3 (5)
    Melee 3
    War 3

    Athletics 2 (4) - Combat Movement
    Integrity 3 (5)
    Presence 2 (3)
    Resistance 1 (2)
    Socialize 1 (3) - Read Intentions

    Archery 1
    Ride 1
    Linguistics 1

    Influence 2
    Martial Artist 1
    Quick Draw 4

    Perception to 4 -4
    Martial Arts to 5 -2
    Integrity to 5 -2
    Awareness to 5 -2
    Athletics to 4 -2
    Dodge to 5 -2
    Resistance to 2 -1
    Presence to 3 -1
    Socialize to 3 -2
    Resources -3

    Exceptional Chain Shirt
    Exceptional Lamellar Armor
    Exceptional Slashing Sword
    Excellent Marukani Horse
    Composite Bow
    Exceptional Calligraphy Set
    Good Luck Charm

    Steel Ribbon Warrior is a former Gunzosha trooper from Lookshy, and probably the most skilled mortal with a blade you will ever meet. Aged beyond his years, the streaks of silver in his hair give the lie to his incredible reflexes and keen perception. His salon in Lookshy is widely regarded to be one of the best in the city, and even Exalts can train there without shame.

    Steel will make mincemeat of an Elite Soldier. And if you're not a very good combatant, even an Exalt should be wary. But here we start to see where mortals, even incredibly skilled ones, have trouble with the Exalted. Dex 3, Melee 3 and an Excellency will consistently best his dice pool and parry.

    Uses: Steel works great as a retainer for a non-combat Exalt. He's got a parry of 6, and a Join Battle of 10. He's also a great Sifu for anyone studying Single Point. Just don't expect him to last against a serious Exalted combatant.

    Variants: Change his language, and Steel Ribbon can easily be a Delzahn warrior noble, or a 100 Kingdoms champion. Edge off some social skills, and he could be a Red Piss Legion veteran, or a Barbarian warlord.

    As a Solar: Steel is likely to Exalt as a Dawn. He'd gain Artifact 3 (Shining Ice Mirror) from his tomb, but either fake his death if possible, or just leave his old life behind so as not to shame his family. Lose Influence and Resources, Upgrade MA merit, and gain +1 Wits, Str, Dex and Man
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      Bronze Body Zhu, The Unkillable
      Concept: Sorcerous Thug (from Man with the Iron Fists)

      Str: 4 Per: 2 Cha: 3
      Dex: 1(3) Int: 2 Man: 1
      Sta: 4(5) Wit: 3 App: 2

      Awareness 3 - Join Battle
      Brawl 3(4) - Punching
      Dodge 3
      Melee 3
      Resistance* 3(5) - Poison

      Athletics 3 -
      Integrity 3
      Occult 3
      Presence 3 - Intimidation
      Thrown 1

      Unusual Hide -5
      Subtlety -2

      Dex to 3 -8
      Stamina to 5 -4
      Resistance to 5 -2
      Brawl to 4 -1
      Sorceror -5
      Influence -1

      Shaping Ritual: Drowning in Mystery - Invulnerable Skin of Bronze

      Buff Jacket

      Zhu was always tough. And always looking for an edge. So when the strange magician ( A Wanasaan Exorcist fleeing kinstrife) came looking for help, Zhu took the job. Now his skin is made of brass, though this only becomes apparent when he is struck (both a result of a Sorcerous Working). Eventually, though it nearly killed him, he too learned the secrets of sorcery, though to a far lesser extent than any true Sorceror. Still, with his natural size and strength, and the one spell he has mastered, Zhu is a terrible foe to those he goes after.

      Uses: Besides muscle for /your/ Sorceror, Zhu makes a great flunky for an evil magician, or a great bandit lieutenant. He lacks much ambition if on his own, probably content to hire himself out as a bully and assassin. He's got a parry of 5 when his spell is up, but even caught unawares his soak is pretty impressive. And Hardness 7 is Very Hard for anything mortal to deal with.

      Variants: Zhu is somewhat of a one trick pony. But that trick (not dying) is a pretty good one. In a mortals game, he makes a great mid-boss, or the bad guy at a martial arts tournament (especially since he just uses brawl to crush people).

      As a Solar: Bronze Body Zhu would almost certainly Exalt as a Dawn. Give him Resources 2, and +1 Str, Dex and Cha, and add 2 to his Wits.


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        Graceful Orchid, Blossom and Ornament
        Concept: Personal Courtesan and Confidant

        Str: 1 Per: 2 Cha: 2
        Dex: 3(4) Int: 1(2) Man: 3
        Sta: 1 Wit: 4 App: 4

        Athletics 3
        Integrity 3(4) - Loyalty
        Presence* 3(5) -Men
        Performance 3 - Sex
        Resistance 2

        Awareness 3
        Brawl 1
        Martial Arts: Dreaming Pearl 2
        Dodge 3
        Socialize 3(5) - Guile

        Linguistics 1
        Lore 1

        Martial Artist -1
        Language -6 (Dragontongue, Forest-tongue, Flametongue, Guild Cant, High Realm, Skytongue)

        Dex to 4 -3
        Int to 2 -4
        Socialize to 5 -2
        Presence to 5 -2
        Integrity to 4 -1
        Backing -2 (Guild)
        Contacts -5 (Guild, Scavenger Lands)
        Resources -2

        Exceptional War Fans
        Fine Clothing
        Exceptional Musical Instrument
        Extensive Cosmetic and Perfume Collection
        Maiden Tea
        Talisman vs Disease

        Orchid is a beautiful young woman, but far more than that. With a Guile of 5, and a Resolve to match (at least, when trying to undermine her loyalty), she's the perfect assistant to a less social character. On a permanent retainer from the Guild, she can be a great aid, and is more than capable of turning the head of someone without an integrity Excellency, all the while pretending to be sympathetic to your aims against her employer. She can also soothe a troubled employer, helping to dismiss unwanted intimacies, or strengthen your resolve if you find yourself questioning it. And of course, though she'd never betray the Guild (loyalty goes both ways, after all), her access to information from across the Scavenger Lands will undoubtedly be helpful.

        Variants:. Remove her buyout, and she could easily be one of the highest priced escorts in Nexus.
        Changing the Backing would make Orchid fit easily into the Realm. She'd also make a fine chief concubine in many threshold kingdoms. With a few more changes, she can be a power behind the throne, or a beloved queen or princess, or an unexalted dynastic wife.

        As a Solar: Orchid is likely to Exalt as a Zenith. In addition to the change in priorities her personal visit with the Unconquered Sun will bring, add +1 to her App, Cha, Wits, and Dex; and upgrade her MA merit, as well as adding Language: Old Realm.


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          Pillar of Understanding (The Wisdom of Danaad)
          Concept: Mortal Immaculate Master Monk

          Str: 1 Per: 2 Cha: 2(3)
          Dex: 3 Int: 3(4) Man: 2
          Sta: 3(4) Wit: 4 App: 2

          Athletics 1 (3)
          Integrity 3 (5) - Pleasures of the Flesh
          Lore 3 (5)
          Performance 1 -Oratory
          Resistance* 3 (5)

          Brawl -1
          Martial Arts: Water Dragon 3(5) - Tiger Claws
          Dodge 3
          Occult 3 -Gods
          Presence 1

          Linguistics 1
          Survival 3

          Martial Artist -1
          Language -3 (High Realm, Flametongue, Old Realm)
          Resources -1
          Eidetic Memory -2

          Sta to 4 -4
          Cha to 3 -3
          Intelligence to 4 -4
          Martial Arts to 5 -2
          Integrity to 5 -2
          Resistance to 5 -2
          Athletics to 3 -2
          Lore to 5 -2

          Spirit Shark Hide Buff Jacket -Exceptional Reinforced Buff Jacket (Buoyant)
          Tiger Claws
          Complete Copy of the Immaculate Texts
          Books, Maps, Pamphlets
          Well-worn Camping Gear

          Pillar is a man nearing three-score years of life, and though he would not aspire to it, almost everyone who knows him is certain he will become a Dragonblooded in his next life. A fervent, but not fanatical follower of the Immaculate Dragon of Water, Pillar humbly tries for righteousness and self-sufficiency. He has travelled many miles, been on more than one Wyld Hunt, and is an expert in the lore of the Order. He makes an excellent advisor and sounding board for a young Dragonblooded, or a heroic mortal itinerant, at least until he is forced to give it up due to age.

          Variants:. Remove the focus on the Immaculate Order, and Pillar could be any wise old wandering martial arts master. Changing his focus from Danaad to another Immaculate Order is paradoxically harder than to an entirely different style (such as Tiger), due to the difference in the abilities and mindset they emphasize, but Swapping Survival for Stealth makes him a decent advocate of Mela.

          As a Solar: If Pillar is unlucky enough to Exalt as a Solar, becoming a Zenith, and the personal message from the Unconquered Sun is likely the only thing that would prevent him from turning himself in. In such a case, increase his Sta, Int, and Wits by 1, and add the Spirit Speaker merit.


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            Thirteen Lucky
            Concept: Scavenger Lord's Apprentice (Short Round)

            Str: 1 Per: 4 Cha: 1(2)
            Dex: 3 Int: 1(2) Man: 3
            Sta: 3 Wit: 4 App: 2

            Integrity 2
            Investigation 3(5) - Physical Evidence
            Lore 3
            Occult* 3(5)

            Awareness 3(5) - Join Battle
            Athletics 2(3)
            Bureaucracy 1
            Dodge 3(5) - Ranged Attacks
            Thrown 3

            Larceny 1 - Traps
            Stealth 3
            Survival 1

            Danger Sense -3
            Resources -1
            Tempered by the Elements (Ruins) -2
            Language - Old Realm -1

            Exalted Healing -5
            Cha to 2 -3
            Intelligence to 2 -4
            Occult to 5 -2
            Dodge to 5 -2
            Awareness to 5 -2
            Investigation to 5 -2
            Athletics to 3 -1

            Javelin Thrower
            Buff Jacket

            Thirteen Lucky is living the dream. Every child in the former River Province wants to become a Scavenger Lord when they grow up. Of course, in her dreams there were less bugs, less terrifying brushes with the supernatural or the ancient traps and malfunctioning artifacts of yore, and well, a more glamorous life than the one where she helps her drunken master grub through ruins. At least she's a quick healer. Lucky her.

            Uses: Do you need a plucky sidekick? Do you want to adopt a mascot for your circle? Or perhaps the PCs can seek out a scavenger Lord for his expertise, only to find his apprentice is the real one who can help them. Or maybe they just need someone brave and skinny to go set off traps ahead of them.

            Variants: Age up Lucky and make her literate, and she can be a Scavenger Lord herself. She also makes a decent orphan, coming from very educated parents, if you put her in the midst of urban blight, rather than ancient tombs.

            As a Solar: Despite her lack of literacy, Lucky's unquenchable curiosity and drive to explore are likely to Exalt her as a Twilight. Add 2 to her Dex, and 1 to her Wits and Per. Then give her a Hearthstone (2), and a Sling of Distant Surprise.
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              Ghostflower Huntress
              Concept: Ghostbreaker

              Str: 2 Per: 3 Cha: 2
              Dex: 4 Int: 2 Man: 2
              Sta: 3 Wit: 2 App: 2(3)

              Craft 2 - Grave Goods
              Integrity 0(3) - The Dead
              Lore 3(5)
              Medicine 2(3)
              Occult* 3(5) - The Dead

              Archery 3(4)
              Athletics 3
              Dodge 3(4)
              Performance 3 - Prayer
              Survival 3

              Linguistics 1
              Resistance 2

              Resources 3
              Influence 2
              Language 2 (Riverspeak, Old Realm)

              Thaumaturge -4
              Appearance to 3 -3
              Occult to 5 -2
              Archery to 4 -1
              Dodge to 4 -1
              Survival to 4 -1
              Integrity to 3 -3
              Lore to 5 -2
              Medicine to 3 -1
              Eyes in Both Worlds -3

              Exceptional Buff Jacket
              Exceptional Longbow (usable as staff)
              Prayer Strips
              Talisman vs the Dead
              Bright Morning
              Massive Amounts of Salt
              Healing Herbs and Tools

              The Ghostflower is a famous exorcist in the Scavenger Lands, but her story started in a Shadowland far to the east. Born of a mortal mother and an ancient ghost, Ghostflower grew up happy with both her mothers. Touched by the wisdom of the grave, the young ghostblood was in training to be a shaman when disaster struck. A massively powerful Hungry Ghost murdered one of her mothers, and sent the other to Lethe. In the process of tracking it down through the mortal world, she ended up with her career and reputation.

              Uses: How do mortals deal with ghosts? People like the Ghostflower. Her inherent Thaumaturgy allows her to use her blood to make her arrows so they affect the Dead even while dematerialized (but only at night). Still, she was raised by a ghost, and violence isn't always her first answer (see her Specialties). She's as likely to treat a disease and reassure villagers there is no supernatural aspect, or translate between an ancestor and his kin as to strike down a hungry ghost. She can also be a great guide for PCs to the politics of the Dead, or teach an Exalted Sorceror she trusts her Thaumaturgy (though it requires the blood of a ghostblood).

              Variants: With a twist in her origin, the Ghostflower could easily be a graveyard guard in Sijan. She could also be working for an Abyssal, or a powerful ghost, or just be greedy and callous enough to cause the hauntings that make her money.

              As a Solar: The Ghostflower Huntress will almost certainly Exalt as a Twilight, enhancing her mastery of the Occult. Increase her Per by 2, and her Str and Dex by 1. Then give her the armor passed on by the ghost of her previous incarnation, the Quincunx (Artifact 4).


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                Rat, or The Rat King (at least when he's telling the story)
                Concept: Master Thief

                Str: 2 Per: 2(3) Cha: 2
                Dex: 5 Int: 2 Man: 2(3)
                Sta: 2 Wit: 3 App: 2

                Athletics 3(5) - Climbing
                Awareness 3(5) -Vision
                Dodge 3(5)
                Larceny* 3(5) - Locks
                Stealth 3(5) - Urban

                Investigation 1
                Melee 1 - Knives
                Resistance 1
                Socialize 3
                Thrown 3

                Linguistics 1
                Survival 3

                Resources: 3
                Influence: 1
                Contacts: 1
                Ambidextrous 1
                Language: 1 (Riverspeak)

                Perception to 3 -4
                Manipulation to 4 -6
                Larceny to 5 -2
                Stealth to 5 -2
                Athletics to 5 -2
                Awareness to 5 -2
                Dodge to 5 -2
                Specialty -1

                Exceptional Knives (Many)
                Exceptional Rope & Grappling Hook
                Exceptional Breastplate
                Dozens of Charms and Talismans

                Rat's story is an incredible one, but it's (mostly) true. He really did start out as an orphaned child, and work his way up to being one of the best thieves in Gem. Not famous, except in certain circles, he's moved up to selling secrets, rather than gemstones, though he can usually be tempted by something shiny.

                Uses: Rat makes an excellent hire. Either by the PCs, to help them steal something, or by someone else to steal from a PC. He can also make a gifted lieutenant for an Exalted thief, or maybe competition.

                Variants: Changing his Specialties can make Rat less of a second story man and more of a pickpocket. Replace Survival with Presence and emphasize his Socialize, rather than his stealth to make him a con man or amp up his combat abilities for an assassin. Rat also makes an excellent aide for a Magistrate in the realm, or a noble hiring him to catch another thief, or put his skills to use as a spy.

                As a Solar: Rat will become a Night Caste, without question. Increase his Str, Sta, and Wits by 1. Becoming a legend as the Rat King, give him Resources 5 and Cult 1 to represent his legendary score, and how even other thieves revere him.


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                  I like these. They're all appropriately high end to justify being "heroic" mortals (even though I don't advocate making Exalted this way, you pretty much have to make mortals this way).

                  Totally stealing these, thanks!

                  Hi, I'm JohnDoe244. My posts represent my opinions, not facts.


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                    Mighty Sven, Sven the Silencer
                    Concept: Brutish Assassin

                    Str: 4(5) Per: 2 Cha: 3(4)
                    Dex: 3 Int: 2 Man: 2
                    Sta: 2(3) Wit: 3 App: 1

                    Athletics* 3 (5) - Feats of Strength
                    Awareness 3 - Join Battle
                    Dodge 3
                    Larceny 1
                    Stealth 3(5) - Ambushes

                    Brawl 3 (5) - Grappling
                    Integrity 3
                    Presence 1
                    Resistance 3
                    Socialize 1

                    Linguistics 1
                    Survival 3

                    Giant 4
                    Mighty Thews 3

                    Str to 5 -4
                    Stamina to 3 -4
                    Ath to 5 -2
                    Stealth to 5 -2
                    Brawl to 5 -2
                    Language -1 (Riverspeak)
                    Charisma to 4 -3
                    Resources -3

                    Exceptional Garrotte
                    Feathersteel Reinforced Buff Jacket
                    Gauntlets (as Cestus)

                    Sven is a hard man to miss. More than seven feet tall, and built to a scale more appropriate to architecture than to a person, the jovial northman is a popular feature in the bareknuckle fighting rings of Nexus, or as a strongman performing for the crowds. The Silencer is a bogeyman, known to be for hire to those in Nexus who want more subtle, or at least more personal justice than a mercenary company. Almost no one realizes they are the same person.

                    Uses: Sven can be used in either persona. He's more than happy to arm-wrestle a strong looking PC, and he's even managed to surprise a young dynast or two, somehow being even stronger than he looks (and that's saying something). He can also be a tool of assassination, surprisingly sneaky for all his size. And almost no one gets out of the Silencer's garrote, if he manages to ambush them. He can be a nasty surprise to a PC, especially one who is low strength, and particularly if sprung in the middle of combat against a more obvious foe.

                    Variants: Sven is obviously based all around his strength. You could replace the stealth with social skills to make him more of a circus act, or luchadore. You could change up his fighting style (probably to a two handed weapon) and keep the terrifying ambush predator aspect.

                    As a Solar: Sven is probably destined for the Night Caste. Increase his Stamina and Wits by 2. If his Exaltation causes him to abandon his home and profession, replace his resources with Artifact 3 (Heaven and Earth Gauntlets) to make him the strongest ever.
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                      Bal Ellin, the Dragon-Chaser
                      Concept: Dynastic Fixer, Spy

                      Str: 2 Per: 3 Cha: 2
                      Dex: 2(3) Int: 1(2) Man: 5
                      Sta: 2 Wit: 3 App: 2

                      Bureaucracy 3(5)
                      Larceny 3
                      Linguistics 3 - Ciphers
                      Presence 1(3)
                      Socialize 3(5) - Read Intentions, Guile

                      Awareness 3
                      Integrity 3(5) -Dragonblooded
                      Investigation 3
                      Melee 2
                      Stealth 3

                      Resistance 1

                      Contacts 5 (The Realm)
                      Language 2 (Low Realm, Riverspeak)

                      Dex to 3 -3
                      Resources to 3 -3
                      Socialize to 5 -2
                      Integrity to 5 -2
                      Presence to 3 -2
                      Bureaucracy to 5 -2
                      Int to 2 -4
                      Contacts -3 (Scavenger Lands Satrapies)

                      Exceptional Chain Shirt
                      Exceptional Lockpicks
                      Exceptional Forgery Tools
                      Chopping Sword (Looks decorative, quite useful)
                      Knives (Various Qualities and Styles)

                      Bal Ellin is the granddaughter of Bal Keraz, Master of the Treasury. Normally, this would be enough to guarantee her a cushy job in the Thousand Scales, but she's a disgrace to the family name, a wild child who grew up to be a wild woman, always chasing after a new Dragonblooded lover. It wasn't her goals that the Patrician families objected to, but the gauche way in which she pursued them, and the shame she brought on her family. So she's shuffled off to various postings in the Foreign Ministry, where her indiscretions will at least scandalize Satrapies, and not real Dynasts. Just as planned.

                      Uses: Ellin is a tremendously useful asset, both to the All-Seeing Eye, and whomever she places her trust in. If she finds a PC worthy, she can put her skills and her incredible array of spies and contacts to use on their behalf. Even without her hidden connections, she's too important to be shunned, due to her family and her (various) official positions. Of course, she could just as easily be using or spying on the Brotherhood she's attached to, if they aren't the ones who command her loyalty.

                      Variants: Ellin might actually be the bored and profligate patrician she pretends to be. In which case keeping her poisonous gossip from preceding you back to the Realm will be a challenge of its own. Alternatively, change her loyalties. If she's thrown in with a Great House, or another claimant for the Throne, she could be a useful tool or a dangerous adversary.

                      As a Solar: Ellin would almost certainly end up as an Eclipse if she became a Solar. In addition to a crisis of confidence, she would gain +2 to her Wits and Per. Due to the cutouts and cell structure of the Eye, she'd retain all her access to her contacts, however. A terrifying thought indeed.


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                        Tya Grim, Cap'n Grim
                        Concept: Veteran Captain

                        Str: 2 Per: 3(4) Cha: 4
                        Dex: 2(3) Int: 2 Man: 2
                        Sta: 2 Wit: 4 App: 1

                        Bureaucracy 2
                        Occult 2(3)
                        Presence 3(4) - Intimidation
                        Sail 3(5) - Manuevers
                        Socialize 3

                        Archery 3(4)
                        Athletics 3
                        Dodge 0(4)
                        Integrity 3
                        War 1(2)

                        Linguistics 2 - Charts & Maps
                        Lore 2 - Navigation
                        Resistance 1

                        Resources 4
                        Followers 2
                        Language 1 (Riverspeak)

                        Dex to 3 -3
                        Perception to 4 -4
                        Sail to 5 -2
                        War to 2 -1
                        Direction Sense -1
                        Presence to 4 -1
                        Occult to 3 -1
                        Dodge to 4 -4
                        Archery to 4 -1
                        Language 3 (Low Realm, Flametongue, Airtongue)

                        Blue Water Merchant (Lady of the West)
                        2 Braces of Exceptional Flame Pieces (4 total)
                        Chiaroscuro Fire Arrows
                        Exceptional Breastplate

                        Grim has been a Tya for as long as they can remember, knowing their future well before the Tattoos. A lifetime on the waves, and some well timed heroics have seen Grim ascend to Captain and Owner of a free trading ship, bought and paid for.

                        Uses: Do your PCs need to travel by water? Grim would make an excellent first mate for a nautical PC, or serves quite well as the Captain of a chartered ship. Grim is also a decent combatant, and commander of men, though second, always to love for the sea and for the ship.

                        Variants:. Swap followers for command, and make Grim's attitude (even) worse, and you have an excellent pirate. If not a Tya, Grim could easily be the captain of a Haslanti Airship, or pilot a sandship or iceship.

                        As a Solar: Grim loves sailing too much to ever give it up, and likes bringing news and trade to various ports. As such, Grim is likely an Eclipse. Add 1 to Wits, Cha, and Man. Give Grim a Hearthstone Amulet and a Gem of Fair Winds to make an Exalted sailor of legend.
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                          Originally posted by JohnDoe244 View Post
                          I like these. They're all appropriately high end to justify being "heroic" mortals (even though I don't advocate making Exalted this way, you pretty much have to make mortals this way).

                          Totally stealing these, thanks!
                          Glad you liked them. One or two of them were floating around my notes, and over a long car trip I decided to make a full set.


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                            I love your idea of a sorcerous thug. I might steal it. And probably try to invent my own.


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                              These are great. Big thank you for sharing them. Definitely going to be yoinking the Dynastic Fixer!