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Anyone have a homebrew write-up for God Bloods (3e)?

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  • Anyone have a homebrew write-up for God Bloods (3e)?

    I'm considering running a game that I think would work much better as god-bloods or a similar power level rather than Exalts. Unfortunately 3e hasn't gotten around to anything like god bloods yet and I was wondering if there were any fan conversions floating around out there.

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    Why not just use the rules for mortals out of the Core and let them buy appropriate Spirit Charms?



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      I've been working on a set of rules for God-Blooded, that's mostly "mortals except you can buy charms". It uses xp-generation because I prefer XP generation to standard but that's unrelated to god blooded vs. mortals vs. exalts, and has some detail for things like evocations, martial arts, dice caps, and essence pools.

      Pick a source of your power
      Descended from a god/demon/elemental/faerie/ghost/exalt, plus a description of your ancestor
      Went on a wyld-quest, plus why they went on the quest
      Is a sorcerer
      Is a sorcerer who performed a sorcerous working to grant themselves powers, plus a description of that working

      Describe under what conditions you earn role xp. These will generally be based on acting appropriately for your source of power, or exploring what your source of power means to your character.
      Define a type of artifact you are more able to wield - this will often be a specific magical material, but might be something like "daiklaves" or "artifacts I forged myself" or "artifacts tied to the wyld"

      All attributes start at 1
      Assign 28 xp to each category of attributes (physical/social/mental), then 60 xp divided as you choose. You can do things like buy an upgrade partially using the 28 and partially using the 60, the point is you need to end with at least 20 spent in each category.

      All abilities start at 1
      Assign 75
      xp among the abilities. None count as favored

      Assign 4 specialties

      Assign 15 dots worth of merits. Bear in mind that many sources of power can also add supernatural merits, and if they represent a parent or person who gave you power, may be well represented as a social merit. Sorcery can be bought as a 5-dot merit which includes a shaping ritual but no spells.

      Choose 5 native charm, martial arts charms, evocations, or spells.

      You start with 5
      3 willpower, essence 1, and normal human health levels.

      Spend 60 blood xp as you choose. Similar to attributes, you can purchase things using a combination of this xp and the xp devoted to certain categories.

      Character Advancement
      You earn 5xp per session, as well as up to 4 blood xp.
      You can earn blood xp in 2 ways
      1/session you may earn for an expression bonus, same as solars.
      1/session you may earn for a role bonus, based on what you chose in your source of power
      Each of

      Blood xp may be spent on non-supernatural stuff - such as attributes, abilities, willpower, purchased merits, and specialties. It may not be spent on supernatural stuff, such as native charms, martial arts charms, evocations, spells and sorcerous workings.

      Native charms cost 10xp each.

      Martial arts charms always count as terrestrial, and cost 10xp each
      Evocations count as dissonant, except for those that match the condition chosen in character creation, which are neither resonant nor dissonant. They always cost 10xp each.
      Terrestrial circle spells may learned. Sorcery is learned as a mortal sorcerer (a 5-dot merit requiring Occult 3). Spells are learned at 10xp each.
      You have a dice cap of 6, but do not have an excellency.
      You have a personal essence pool of 25+5*essence, and no peripheral essence pool.


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        I just used the mortal rules, added 3BP and 8 merit dots of "inheritance", discounted all attributes to 3BP and gave the players a carte blanch to take supernatural merits and an open invitation to suggest custom supernatural merits. A fair bit lower key than the mini-exalt model, but it had the intended effect of making it so that all but one player had at least one unique otherworldly ability and the exception had taken Vainglory.


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          As others have said, rules for mortals plus a few bells & whistles should go fine.

          In some games i played with friends, we did something of an adaptation of the "Inheritance" from previous editions, except our version works like this:

          - Inheritance 1-2 are slight signs of spirit heritage, represented by supernatural merits, thaumaturgy rites or a minor hearthstone of appropriate level.
          - Inheritance 3-5 shows the deep marks of puisant supernatural parents imprinting on one's blood and soul. The god-blood has access to a set of evocations reflecting the powers of one's spirit ancestor, with "Artifact" level matching Inheritance. Also, a personal essence pool of (Ess x 10 +10-30) motes.

          Simply put, in our take Inheritance works as an "artifact" of sorts instead of giving bonus points. The kind of spirit would reflect magic material/theme picked as reference. Working it this way also allows for the idea of multiple but separate heritages, what proved interesting in making it possible to insert people of weird histories/family lines revolving around multiple gods, demons and more, while staying reasonably more balanced (no summing Inheritances, you have the potential for more powers but must still buy them separately and only one Essence Pool, etc) than previous versions, imho.
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