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[Solar Medicine Remake] Needs more mercury

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  • [Solar Medicine Remake] Needs more mercury

    Hi everyone!

    It's homebrew delivery time!

    This time around it's medicine, a tree that mostly does well what it's mainly supposed to do...

    Or does it?

    Sure, it heals people dementedly well!

    But what else?

    In an attempt to answer this question I bring you my remake

    The original charms were mostly sanitized, especially where they were needlessly convoluted or more of the same, and from there I explored a couple paths of power through what a Solar Doctor should be able to achieve.

    Expect the good doctor's influence to make some people forget what disease or pain even mean!

    As always, any and all feedback is welcome. I hope you enjoy

    Check my Exalted homebrew!

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    As ever, really awesome and interesting stuff in here. Thanks for posting it.