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Help choosing Signature Charm for my Earth Dragon Stylist Immaculate

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  • Help choosing Signature Charm for my Earth Dragon Stylist Immaculate

    So I'm playing an Earth Aspect Earth Dragon Style Immaculate Heretic with Fist of Titans. I'm Essence 3. I have Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Integrity, Occult, and Socialize all at 5 and Lore and Resistance at 3. I don't have any War at this point but my character has come to a crossroads in the story where it makes sense for him to invest in it before Chiaroscuro implodes from Civil War or conflict with the Death Knights currently amassing power in it's Underworld/Shadowlands.

    Our ST is pushing us a little to choose a signature charms and I want to honor that but this is kind of a big choice and nothing really stands out. In the past the choice was a lot easier as my character was heavily invested in Melee. I'm willing to wait patiently while I invest in other abilities if their is a good standout signature charm that fit with my build.
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    So I'd be seriously looking at Earth Dodge which combos nicely with Earth Dragon Form. The only other Dodge sig you're likely to want is Fire, but not until Essence 5 when you can make it Earth. (As a Martial Artist you might want to consider the Water sig... But it doesn't really fit the Earth Immaculate build.)

    Air and Earth Integrity are both solid options. Earth Integrity is pretty situational, but it is a powerful effect, so maybe Air?

    Air, Earth and Wood are all great in Socailize. Earth fits your concept really well. Air as Mass Read Intentions is really useful. And Wood Farmer Refuted is just... so... Immaculate.

    Who else is in the party? Pick something that fits your niche. But I strongly advocate Earth Dodge: you move.

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      I also like the Earth athletics sig, if you've got Strength 5, and maybe if you want to invest dragon xp into a specialty for feats of strength and mighty thew the merit you could really reliably pull off the strength 7+ feats, and have a good shot at the strength 10+ ones even. Lifting a tyrant lizard, punching through a fortress wall, pretty awesome stuff. Don't forget that for feats of demolition your artifact weapon assists you with grants 2 non-charm automatic successes as well.


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        Reminder that the question isn’t “Which one,” it’s “Which one first?”


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          If you're looking to prioritise for combat oomph, then think John's suggestion of Earth Dodge will probably have the most immediate, general impact.

          If you're going to be operating in Shadowlands/fighting undead, Occult Wood might be good and doesn't require aura.

          General utility, Dr's right that Earth Athletics means you could start kicking down fortresses. I also quite irrationally like Earth Awareness, although it's expensive if you're looking to move across multiple rounds. Phase through said walls? Ride out a massive firedust explosion underground? Nice.

          I know you've said your ST wants you to pick, but I'd also say while they're all powerful, depending on your build signatures aren't always the optimum 'gets' the minute you hit E3, e.g. if I'm an Air archer the first charm I want after I make E3 is Rolling Stormcloud Approach. There may be other charms that better suit your character straight away than the sigs.