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Solar Ranged Combat (3e Archery + Thrown Revamp)

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  • Solar Ranged Combat (3e Archery + Thrown Revamp)

    I didn’t like how ranged combat felt even long before Lunars hit the scene. Solar Archery can far too easily run out of steam and reach a sleeper state while Solar Thrown has always been the forgotten redheaded stepchild of the Solar combat set since I started in 2e. With both sets having fundamental problems at the core level, I decided to rewrite them entirely.

    Ranged Combat is the one-stop-shop for all your bow shootin’, Crossbow snipin’, knife throwin’, and slick shootin’ needs. Some notable highlights include:
    • Complete rewrite of Archery+Thrown from the ground up. Be effective at any stage of battle and be effective with just taking Ranged Combat (No more being forced to take Stealth). The set shouldn’t hit the lower-lows that Archery+Thrown had, with new and exciting higher-highs.
    • Compatible with the Ranged Combat revamp I made, allowing those who use ranged to attack every turn should they wish. Don’t want to use it? No problem, the set still works without it. Play your way.
    • Brand new high powered charms that really let you bring pain to your opponents. Make it rain fire and explosives, slow down your perception Matrix-style, snipe people from across Creation, and more.
    • The ability to actually do withering damage.

    Don’t wait, view today. Feedback and comments are always welcome.

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