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The Book of Exalted Fightan Magic: A Conversion of the Tome of Battle

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  • The Book of Exalted Fightan Magic: A Conversion of the Tome of Battle

    Hello, one and all! It is I, a humble converter of stuff, here to try my hand at bringing the martial disciplines of DnD 3.5's "Tome of Battle" (derogatively known by some as "The Book of Weeaboo Fightan Magic") to Exalted 3rd Edition. This is a project that will likely take at least some time (though thankfully not as much as other conversions) and it most certainly needs your help in making sure everything checks out! As of the time of posting this, I have only completed the first draft of the Desert Wind style, but I do have general outlines for what I'm envisioning regarding the other disciplines and their associated swords. First, some general notes:

    1. Each Discipline's armor compatibility will be based on the class that exclusively uses it (in the case of Disciplines being shared by multiple DnD classes, I've opted for the class with the heavier armor proficiency to take precedent.) Thus, Devoted Spirit, Stone Dragon and White Raven allow for any armor to be used; Diamond Mind, Iron Heart and Tiger Claw allow for medium armor, and Desert Wind, Setting Sun and Shadow Hand allow for light armor.

    2. A lot of these conversions are going to risk treading on old ground, and while I am working to make sure they are as unique as possible, some people will not want to use "copies" of existing material in their games, and that's fine! If you wish to substitute Exalted canon styles into your game, here is what I would suggest:

    Desert Wind -> Fire Dragon
    Devoted Spirit -> Golden Janissary
    Diamond Mind -> Single Point Shining Into The Void
    Setting Sun -> Falcon Style
    Shadow Hand -> Ebon Shadow
    Stone Dragon -> Earth Dragon
    Tiger Claw -> Tiger Style

    As for Iron Heart or White Raven style, I'm unsure, but you can substitute them as well with whatever you want.

    3. Each style will have an associated Artifact blade worth 3 dots tied to it. While it's not necessary to have these Artifacts, they can be used as a substitute for a sifu in order to learn the style and it's charms, and could possibly have Evocations which enhance certain MA charms.

    4. The background stuff is very much still in development, but just assume that after the fall of Reshar's school, the various Martial Art sifus went their separate ways across Creation, and their associated styles can now be found in different regions. Mastering all 9 styles is quite literally the journey of a lifetime, and plenty have perished in the pursuit of such a dream. As for what Reshar was (Solar, Sidereal, Immaculate Dragon, etc.), nobody can agree on. All they know is that he was born a human, and that he learned all 9 of these styles, found weapons which tied deeply to each one, and gathered them altogether in order to found a school and become one of the greatest Martial Artists ever known. And for those few still alive who do know the truth behind Reshar, they're not talking for whatever reason (aka it's entirely up to the Storyteller).

    With all of that being said, here are the Google Doc links for each style and their artifacts:
    • Desert Wind Style
    • Desert Wind
    • Devoted Spirit Style
      • TBA
    • Faithful Avenger
      • TBA
    • Diamond Mind Style
    • Supernal Clarity
    • Iron Heart Style
      • TBA
    • Kamate
      • TBA
    • Setting Sun Style
      • TBA
    • Eventide's Edge
      • TBA
    • Shadow Hand Style
      • TBA
    • Umbral Awn
      • TBA
    • Stone Dragon Style
      • TBA
    • Unfettered
      • TBA
    • Tiger Claw Style
      • TBA
    • Tiger Fang
      • TBA
    • White Raven Style
      • TBA
    • Blade of the Last Citadel
      • TBA
    Please let me know of any changes or critiques you might have, either here or on the Docs themselves. All I ask is that any really lengthy comments be posted here, and that any minor grammar fixes and whatnot be posted on the Doc.
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    White Raven is War, Iron Heart is Resistance/Integrity, Setting Sun is Dodge mixed with Grapple Brawl (but only the Judo throw stuff), and Devoted Spirit is "In combat healing is tightly regulated in Exalted"
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      You have my attention, I support this endevaor.

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        Originally posted by Sorcerous Overlord View Post
        Devoted Spirit is "In combat healing is tightly regulated in Exalted"
        Just to avoid serious abuses of healing in an otherwise fairly tight game, I've selected for Devoted Spirit all of the non-healing abilities except for Strike of Righteous Vitality. That should be fairly significant on it's own, and it means I can focus on the other aspect of Devoted Spirit: Alignment. I'm not going to go crazy with that, but I figure that if Golden Janissary can go all "anti-CoD" then Devoted Spirit can do the same as well as an "anti-Creature of Light" (though I'm still figuring out what that will include, in general any non-CoD Celestial Exalt or God would count, elementals and DBs are neutral.) Let me know what you think.


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          I never had a problem with Fighters at our table, and we don't like anime fighters at our table.

          I had a look at some charms in Desert Wind, I'll have a look at some more at a later date.

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            The Diamond Mind rough draft is now complete, you're free to look and comment as you wish. I've also made some edits to the Desert Wind draft that people have suggested, but if you have any suggestions for that, you're free to... well, suggest. The next style I'll be working on will either be Devoted Spirit or Iron Heart, but I may take a slight break to instead work on either of the Artifacts.


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              Rough drafts for Desert Wind and Supernal Clarity are now complete. Keep in mind that this is my first time designing artifacts and Evocations, so there's probably some balancing issues that need to be fixed. In the meantime, I will for sure look to tackle Iron Heart style since it's next on the list.