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Request: Celestial Aspected Demesne Ideas

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  • Request: Celestial Aspected Demesne Ideas

    I wyld-shaped a bunch of land and it came with a bunch of Solar, Lunar, Sidereal and Abyssal demesnes. Problem is that unlike elemental aspected ones, I can't really come up with any good ideas for how to describe them or what their magical quirks are. I've had one good one suggested so far for Solar - a picture perfect meadow where flowers always bloom and the sun always shines warm and pleasant. Which I liked.

    Any suggestions, or indeed demesnes you've previously used that I can steal would be greatly appreciated.


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    The 2e book Oadenol's Codex has some Celestial Demesnes in it. However, for some other ideas...

    Solar: An underground grove where there grow impossible trees whose fruits glow with sunlight, providing nourishment for all manner of plants. A mountain meadow filled with buttercups whose grass causes cattle to grow mighty and strong, but also judgmental such that they will suffer only virtuous handlers to deal with them.

    Lunar: A marshy region where the pools always hold the reflection of the moon by night, and where one can catch glimpses of those who love them in those reflections. A forest where strange lights flit beneath the branches, leading travelers into the path of dangerous beasts and other perils - but which, if caught, offer guidance to any one destination the moon shines upon.

    Sidereal: A rocky plateau where the stones naturally manifest flecks of mica which reflect only starlight, causing it to seem like an extension of the firmament by night. A river by whose sides bloom violet-petaled lotuses whose juice, if drunk, is a mild poison which gives visions of possible deaths.

    Abyssal: An island where red spider lilies bloom that the Dead covet for their perfume, which reminds them of their living days. A swamp where the dreams of those who sleep there are filled with visions of all the sins which have aided them in live, slowly driving them mad - and particularly perilous for those who partake of the bounties of empire.

    Those are all I've got right now, but if you need more I can probably come up with some ideas.


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      Solar: a bleached lifeless desert rendered inhospitable except via supernatural means by the scorching rays of the sun thanks to a crystal mountain in the center which seems to absorb and amplify the suns rays before blasting them back out into the surrounding area.

      Lunar: An overgrown forest from which you cannot see the sky and only seems to be lit by moonlight filtering through the leaves no matter the time of day. The paths within are constantly shifting and its nearly impossible to traverse without the aide of a local spirit as a guide.

      Sidereal: A cave whose ceiling seems lit by twinkling stars and whose smooth mirror sheen walls show you what could have been if you had taken different paths in life.

      Abyssal:....Its a natural shadowland? Spooky things happen like rivers of blood maybe?

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        In my own game, I had a greater Solar demesne show up. I never gave it a name, but it resonated with the Sun's themes of excellence. If you slept or meditated in it, you'd have dreams/visions of yourself doing various activities, which acted like training, cutting training times as though you had a teacher. It only worked for one Ability per character at a time, but I let the players pick which Ability would get trained. For mortals, it basically accelerated their training to near-Exalted levels, so a person could learn the basics of whatever Ability it was training them in in only weeks.

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          The 2e example of a Sidereal demense that stood out the most to me was a place where the insides of buildings built upon it constantly shift and change...and where new rooms no one ever built manifest. So, I think Sid demenses could be starry places where the geography itself seem to be unstable, where possible permutations of what could have been bleed through. Places where it seems the land itself warps to match the fates of the people inside; lakes which reflect possible futures, fruits whose juices make one dream of some portentous event, fires which flicker with visions of something important to the viewer...


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            I came up with this one a while ago as an example of sidereal demesne
            Just before the horizon line, the citizens of Brightwork are accustomed to the sight of an incredibly sharp rock protruding from a coral formation. Ships avoid it, and it's too far into open sea for most people to bother, but on occasion teenagers try to sail there with their betrothed. Legends say at night little spirits can be seen wandering around it, and any who befriends them and make love under the starry sky will have their marriage blessed with good fortune against any adversity. (sidereal demesne, attuned to the constellation of the Pillar)

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