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Rough Draft: A Belt of Snakes [PEACH]

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  • Rough Draft: A Belt of Snakes [PEACH]

    This is a rough draft of an idea I had. A belt that turns into a whip-sword and has some snake-like evocations. The principle idea behind this artifact is that its meant for non-primary combatants, i.e. the squishies who would want an artifact weapon they could wear disguised as a fashion piece. Most of the Evocations either fit a snake theme or serve the role of being "oh shit" functions, things that help you avoid getting murdered because you found yourself in combat and really aren't the type to want to be there. Also I just though a whip sword that looks like a belt of gold buckles and stuff is cool.
    The Serpent's Grasp Artifact 3 Whip (Moon Silver, Green Jade)
    The Serpent's Grasp is beautifully made and cunningly disguised, imposing a ??? penalty on Awareness checks from observers who try to ascertain it's true nature as a weapon.

    Uncoiling Serpent Ways
    1m, Reflexive
    The Serpent's Grasp usually resides as a stylish belt, which is also its Whip form. For 1m, it can transform into a Sword or back with a flick of the wrist and the will of its master.
    This evocation is a function of the belt's mechanical design, it awakens for free to all attuned users.

    Beware My Hidden Fangs
    3m, Supplemental, Decisive Only
    Serpent's Grasp burns with venomous emerald Essence as it delivers a fateful, poisonous strike. A decisive attack supplemented by this Charm poisons its target on a successful hit. This toxin possesses the traits of arrow frog venom (p. 234): 3i/round (lethal in crash), 5 rounds, -2 penalty.
    (Copied from Spring Razor, Howling Lotus Strike, p 620)
    [[Placeholder? A snake inspired design should poison people]]

    Sword Eating Snakebite
    1m, Supplemental
    1m: Supplements a Disarm Gambit (p 200). The weapon (or object) disarmed is brought instantly to the hand of the master of Serpent's Grasp instead of thrown a distance. Artifacts taken this way may be attuned by the master of Serpent's Grasp reflexively by paying their Attunement cost. Weapons taken this way cannot be summoned back by their original owner via retrieval charms like Call the Blade.
    (Some artifacts, such as Storm Caller, Mjolnir, and Excalibur have special requirements on who can attune to them. These restrictions are waived for the length of the scene in which the artifact is taken)
    [[ it feels both too expensive and too cheap? You have to pay to attune artifacts anyway so that's another 5ish motes]]

    Coils of the Serpent
    ??m Supplemental
    Supplements a Grapple Gambit- add (Ess) to (Dex+Melee) roll used to perform a grapple gambit, and if the gambit is successful then the Serpent's Grasp will continue it independently in it's master's place, inheriting its master's control rounds. It can take no action other than the Restrain action, and rolls (Ess+Melee) dice to continue grapples if opposed.

    [[ Obviously you aren't gonna just abandon an artifact 3 weapon, the idea here is that you use it to restrain a threat and then focus on something else in the scene, and then come back to the restrainee when you have more breathing room. ]]

    * * * * * * *

    Yeah, basically all of these are supplemental I realized. I don't know if that matters. What do you think? I feel like it doesn't really have an identity yet and I'm not sure if the evocations are cool or exciting enough. I toyed with making (Whip Form) and (Sword Form) keywords but there wasn't a good enough reason to do that, and all the cool stuff was Whip Form anyway.

    Edit: This is a 3 dot artifact mostly so I can get the Artifact Weapon statline. Also, sorry about the weird sizing issues i don't know why it got screwy when I copied it over.
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    Disarming is neat, but for a dedicated non-combatant weapon what I'd really like to see is ways to use non-combat skills to keep yourself alive. Stuff like... I dunno, a reflexive disarm after a successful instill, applying the newly created intimacy penalty to the foe's defense. A Virtuous Guardian of Flame type effect where the weapon takes reflexive defend other actions for you. Disengage with a static die pool as the snake grabs something and grapples you out of melee range. Flame-weapon-tag style effects to use a static 3 or 4 dots in place of your Dex or Melee skill for attacking and parrying. A pseudo-excellency for defensive combat actions. Ignoring the penalty for flurrying full defense with a social action. Stuff like that.