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Society enhanced by SWLIHN and Cecylene charms - what would it be like?

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  • Society enhanced by SWLIHN and Cecylene charms - what would it be like?

    Ok, so I have a small piece of work floating around here, and it's basically an Infernal freeing her people from slavery, going into a new land to start a new life. She's already heavily invested into Cecylene charms and SWLIHN charms.

    She's generally a nice person. Tries to reduce collateral damage. Due to her time as a long-term slave of a megacorp, she's rather iffy on being a dictator and using the iron hammer on society. But the newfound nation of former slaves is really weak, vulnerable at this point in time, so she's spamming her stuff to try and make sure that things don't collapse/ get murdered by raiders/ collapse into a civil war.

    So she's spamming SWLIHN and Cecylene charms, despite her personality not being very suited for it. So far I have this:

    The society is divided into 2 strata. There is the state. And there is the people. Generally if you are in the people, you tend to be relatively free. You can start up whatever small business you want. Do whatever lower level job. You are pretty much like the proles in 1984. A well run bureaucracy and infrastructure means that you have a perfectly acceptable quality of life. You of course, have to do the mandatory worship to give a Cult, and obey the other laws. You won't become something like a bigshot celebrity or a multibillionaire, but life can be good for you.

    If you're part of the State, then you're part of the overarching bureaucracy running the nation, the one that is hit by SWLIHN organization charms. The ones that helps enact her plans. High level CEOs do are in this organisation, altering the economy to fit her needs and her plans. Super-stars enhanced by VEE help entertain the population and keep a friendly face on the regime. Work gangs are enhanced by craft charms to build manses, demenses, massive warships in the span of weeks instead of months and years. The State is the bedrock by which the rest of society rests, the people within giving up a portion of their individuality and free will in exchange for social status and wealth.

    There are those who are called 'Voices'. Known as troubleshooters and fixers, these people are backed by SWLIHN and VEE uprades, making them individually quite formidable, often seen as heralds of the Infernal's will upon the real world, the hand by which she brings her divine plan onto the world itself.

    Generally the religious sentiment inside is that similar to that of the prosperity gospel and those people who talk about a 'divine plan'. The people are convinced that their benelovent goddess wishes to bring them prosperity, either by direct blessings or by leading them as a whole to glory and prosperity. The vast majority of them now have a future to look forward to, and have aspirations to. Though some of them are grumbling over what they see as 'stifling'.
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    i can sum it up in two words, repressive hivemind.

    its also gotta be really hypocritical about its laws. i would like your idea if i could.


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      Might be worth checking out Brazil for some inspiration. It's Terry Gilliam does 1984


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        Originally posted by Nightwinder View Post
        Might be worth checking out Brazil for some inspiration. It's Terry Gilliam does 1984
        Oh man, this is pretty terrible. Not in the artistic sense. But in the 'oh god I feel sad now' sense.

        .... I'm not really sure if I got the question right. Sorry guys.


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          Honestly, 1984 is a perfect example of this sort of society.