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Forcing an enemy to reroll (Exalted 3e)

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  • Forcing an enemy to reroll (Exalted 3e)

    Before I start, I want to apologize if this topic has been discussed before. I tried to search the forums for an answer, but the closest thing I found was this post in a locked thread that seems to have never gotten a clear answer.

    So... The Ebon Shadow Style charm named Elusive Flicker Evasion forces an enemy to reroll their attack and use the lesser result, among other things.

    However, does the attacker get to re-use the charms of the original roll or is he forced to reactivate them and pay their costs, again? The charm doesn't specify this detail and I couldn't find a similar effect to compare.

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    I'm not aware of an official answer.

    However I think it's important to look at the phrasing of the Charm. It doesn't force your opponent to reroll, but roll twice and take the lowest. Given that, and how potent forcing your opponent to spend twice would be, I can't imagine that the intent is for them to pay for any boosts to their attack twice. They're not attacking you twice, they're attacking you once and you're messing with their odds of doing well.


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      I would agree with Heavy Arms. The roll is just the roll, one step in the attack resolution. I don't see any reason it should effect any other aspect of the attack.


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        I also agree with Heavy Arms.

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          Thanks, that answers my question!