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Tell me about Lesser Elemental Dragons in your games

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  • Tell me about Lesser Elemental Dragons in your games

    I thing Lesser Elemental Dragons are a really cool concept; I've enjoyed writing a few.

    So I was wondering how other people have included them in games, and what they were like?

    Do you have favorite canon dragons? Homebrew ones? Incredible immaculate heresies surrounding them?

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    I have a few ideas for them that I'm still working, but they are very much works in progress, so sorry about that. Maybe once they're closer to being finished I'll post'em.


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      I believe Jen likes Wong Bongerok, considering he’s featured in a few of Jen’s art/comics.

      As for me, I like the Frog Queen and one of the PCs of my seafaring game was on a quest to kill her.
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        Green Frowning Bear was my main 2E DB's father-in-law. We had some wicked adventures with him. Absolutely my favorite Lesser Elemental Dragon.

        3E, haven't used them that much yet.

        Mela's Coil capstone Evocation turns you into a Lesser Elemental Dragon, and I've had a Sidereal NPC use a similar power, but that was just so she could be a fancy mount for a cool Warstrider fight.

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          I have extensively misused the Wind Masters and the Frog Queen as major factors in bridging the terrestrial & celestial divine arenas with convoluted intrigues between elemental, demon & fae courts along with a number of mortal kingdoms and city-states, specially in the western side (as in West proper, Blessed Isle's western coast, Southwest & Northwest) of Creation. With some back-&-forth in both Inner & White Seas, too.

          In 2e at least. Dreaming Sea and a number of new places and groups from 3e could bring interesting changes to the already crazed dynamics.
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            I had an imprisoned Lesser Dragon of Air, the Thunder King--he had eaten the red lighting of Hegra during the Divine Revolution and thus was prone to outbursts and rage. So he was bound until a cure could be found, and as penance for his rampages along the Dreaming Sea.

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              I had Kailash Yu, an earth dragon. He owned several mining operations and other diversified business interests and was based in a high-rise in Nexus. He generally took on a humanoid form to greet guests unless he was making a power move, winding his massive serpentine body around his luxuriantly appointed office, surrounding them in his coils and looming over them with this fanged maw while being faultlessly polite and hospitable. His scales were copper and crystal, with gold accents. He was a very demanding employer with a high rate of turnover among his personal staff. He went through secretaries like nobody's business. Persistent (though unproven) rumour said that he ate them. The PCs were very lucky to get a letter of introduction from someone he owed a favour to, and he gave them access to his resources for one mission. Subsequent attempts to contact him for help always required running the gauntlet of disinterested underlings.

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                MY GAME
                1) Dragons are evolutions of a race and unique. If Ogime dies (or evolves) then the first Heketa that evolves becomes Ogime or a new Dragon is born. If Ogime-evolved dies then only Ogime can become Ogime-evolved else evolves something new (leaving the position for the next Heketa).
                I called this elemental reincarnation. All Elemental Dragons have a lineage from an elemental race. Not every race has spawned a Dragon (yet).

                2) Yu-Shan fears the Greater Elemental Dragons. Their number always increases. The gods convince the elementals not to evolve at this level.

                3) Lesser Elemental dragons outside the celestial bureaucracy are tribal chiefs.

                4) An unknown Lesser Elemental Dragon created heresy: Elemental Dragons are the stage above those exalted in Immaculate Philosophy.

                5) Elementals do not dematerialize (except AIR and FIRE) but can materialize other spirits.

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                  So far there's an Infernal in my game who has a dragon friend called Nauramlong. He's an elemental dragon of fire that has been on Yu-Shan's longest smoke break, around 4000 years give or take, constantly seeking to find new ways to evade his dubiously defined responsibilities in favour of sleeping away the years. That he managed to sleep beneath no less than six consecutive empires, one of which was co-run by a literal demon, speaks volumes of his inauspicious indolence. The closet thing to a friendship he has is with an exiled Infernal princess who just happened to be the demonblooded daughter of a 3rd Circle Demon of the Ebon Dragon not out of any love for Malfeas or spite for Heaven, but because she keeps his lair a secret and makes sure no one bothers him. He's already wondered if he just happens to be a Lesser Elemental Dragon of Earth painted red, but leaves such philosophising to the mayflies of Creation.


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                    In my games, the Lesser Elemental Dragons are only called "lesser" because they aren't as powerful as Mela or Sextes Jyles, not because there's a stage of "Great Elemental Dragon" that they could eventually become, so things like the Kukla don't exist.

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                      I did a very blatant ripoff of Ming the Merciless as an Air Dragon who had conquered an elemental court by dint of crippling Earth Dragon-Voltan, who had been the court's primary defender against Raksha hordes. Things got complicated when a human-supremacist Solar villain rocked up and started using the place to do experiments on elevating humanity to being (at least) as potent as Dragon Kings. The game went on hiatus about halfway through the storyline (when the PCs discovered about the situation with Voltan), but I do still intend to go back to it.

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