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Was Infernal Monster Style a “Demonic” MA?

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  • Was Infernal Monster Style a “Demonic” MA?

    Was Infernal Monster Style one of those “special” CMAs that even the First Circle Demons could learn? I am interested in any edition’s answer to this, but this is mainly a 2E question.
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    Infernal Monster Style was a Hero Style in 2e, IIRC.

    Which I believe that in 2e, Hero Styles had a closed charm tree that could be learned as a Celestial Martial Art since Infernals were Celestial Exalts. I don't remember whether First Circle Demons could learn Infernal Monster Style.

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      Putting everything together...

      According to Manual: Infernals, non-Infernals learn Infernal Monster as a Celestial Martial Art, with no exceptions for demons. Going to Scroll of the Monk to see what MAs demons can learn, only demons Essence 6 or above can learn Celestial Martial Arts.

      (Infernal Monster was a 2E creation; there's no 1E version, and any 3E version has yet to be introduced.)

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        In errata, I think, they mentioned that Demons could learn a special form of CMA, similar to the 4 arguments of virtue styles, that Demons could learn. I believe the example was called Black Claw Style.


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          Ah, it's in Ink Monkeys.

          The relevant line in the Black Claw Style writeup is "First, like all demon-created Celestial arts, any demon of any circle may practice the style so long as the spirit satisfies all relevant trait minimums."

          The Infernal Monster writeup in Infernals implies the Solar akuma Gorol was the style's creator, and it's confirmed in the Ink Monkeys expansion charms, which means it doesn't qualify.

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