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  • Quixalted: Extended?

    Hi everybody! I've been reading the great fan supplement, Quixalted: Extended. It's an extension of the original Quixalted. I found the PDF, but I couldn't see a signature. Do we know who put this great supplement together so I can thank them? I found it at but that's not a help.
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    I've been playing that for nearly a year now! It's a pretty good system that only has a little bit of clunk here and there. Unfortunately, the person who wrote it is anonymous. You might find them on the Traditional Games board on 4chan sometimes though.


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      Distant Choir Thanks much! Speculation did seem to suggest that the author is a regular on 4Chan (wow, that sounds negative when you write it out like that!).


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        I meant it was unfortunate moreso that you can't really give credit to someone anonymous! He goes by QE anon.

        He's releasing a new version soon apparently, which has charms for every Exalt type and is clearing up some of the language in the book