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  • the fallen races

    i decided to do what vampire hunter D suggested on the your headcanon thread and start a thread about the fallen primordial races. i would start us off by detailing a race of my own creation, but i dont have any at this time. so instead i will give an overview of them. My overview might not fit with 3ed canon.

    The Fallen Races

    Despite what the common folk think, humanity is far from the only race in creation. The primordials made many different beings before they made humanity. Of these the best known are the Dragon Kings who ruled over humanity in the primordial age, the Mountain Folk who toil under the surface and the degenerate Lintha. The fallen races one and all suffered in the wake of the Primordial war. Not even those who fought alongside the gods and the exalted were spared, as the Dragon King civilization was broken by the fighting and the treachery of Thrice-Damned Gorol and the Mountain Folk were reduced forever by the Great Geas, forced upon them by Autochthon by the paranoia of the exalted, exacerbated by the Great Curse. But despite the Dragon Kings near total destruction and the fundamental lessening of the Mountain Folk's entire potential, breaking the people of adamant and enslaving them to the exalted for all eternity, they still got off easy compared to those races that dared to stand against the exalted.

    Of those who fought for the primordials the Lintha family is the best off. However, they have fallen so far from there former glory, the surrender of the Yozi Kimberly having resulted in there current state. The Lintha are inbred, cannibalistic and twisted by exposure to the wyld, stealing from the very poor region of the west, making there home upon a dying Behemoth, reviled by the ghosts of there ancient ancestors. But despite how far they have fallen, they still have a base that sees the sun, and despite there castration and inbreeding they are still fundamentally Lintha. All other races who stood with the primordials were either completely wiped out by exalted or forced into places the exalted couldn't or wouldn't follow them. Some were banished alongside there masters, either willingly following the Yozi or being dragged by the petulant defeated primordials in an act of defiance. The Mountain Folk fight an endless war against the Darkbrood, composed of those races the primordials rejected as well as those who fled underground to escape the exalted purges. And in the depths of the wyld, there are certain horrors that originate not from chaos but from the order of the Primordials.

    Of the Fallen Races, only the Dragon Kings and Mountain Folk do not hate humanity (save for certain small factions). They alone do not worship the Primordials (certain fractions of the Mountain Folk non-withstanding) and would rather not see the primordials return. While the sun weakens the Darkbrood, they still seek to destroy humanity. In the wyld the banished dream of vengeance, even those who have been enslaved by the Raksha (who were the first foes of the Primordials). Even those races long dead can return, be they reanimated by the will of the Neverborn or resurrected by other means. The past just might come back to haunt humanity. Unless the exalted repeat the acts of there ancestors and throw these monster into oblivion or cause them to fall even further.
    Ok, now it's your turn. Give me your Primordial races, and how they might come back if they are dead. You can also expand the canon races (i still have no clue where i can learn of the dark paths that the dragon kings have). I will leave you guys to it, and if inspiration strikes i will post.
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    edit: Accidentally pressed save. This will be a placeholder until I finish my writeup.


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      Considering i've toyed with underbroods and forbidden gods in the two previous editions, would be definitely up to joining the thread to toy with the subject once more.

      In fact 3e corebook lore update of elementals, reintroducing them as of multiple independent origins and in some cases possibly older than the gods themselves has lead me into rethinking the subject a bit, using them in the role of "Primordial but not exactly pro-Yozi/Neverborn" races or "strange kind of inhuman people from foreign lands" one might find in ancient or medieval travel chronicles, with some "fantasy (D&D) monster races" mixed in, among other things.

      In that "elementals as primordial races/adapting D&D monsters" line of thought, i have messed most with a race of "basalt elves" kind of riffing on Jadeborn and Drow both. Since basalt is an igneous rock, i'm considering giving them some extra connection to volcanoes, from which they would rise to raid & plunder the outside world in ships of flaming pumice that sail through earth and water both, what would make them into a kind of Drow/Jadeborn/Lintha expies, i guess. Divided between giving them or not a many-legged elite warrior class mixing driders & vaatkri.

      edit: Now i got a name for them, Basanites from the ancient latin/greek word for basalt. Their many-legged champions are devotees of a sorcerous initiation unique to their society, the most experienced among these warrior-sorcerers eventually learning to shape their essence in a way that allows them to metamorphose further, melding with demesnes of earth or fire to atain a monumental gemlord-like manse condition, where they become Dimmuborgir, the dark citadels.

      I have also recently introduced the Anacreon, an artifact conch that is also the kingdom-sanctum of a race of pearl people - and the "echoes" captured by them on battles, raids & misadventures in service of the wonder's many wielders through the ages. Some legends of its inhabitants claim the many-coiled seashell might be in truth the sleeping form of an ancient dragon of water, slumbering until the tides are right for its awakening, what it bodes, if glory or disaster, for those that live within its twists and whorls a mystery to all in the current age.

      (Somewhat inspired by Asphodel from Arms of Chosen and the Elric novel the Fortress of the Pearl. The name came from a wordplay on nacre/mother-of-pearl and the name of a greek lyric poet)
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