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A Twelve Labors of Hercules style Exalted game.

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  • A Twelve Labors of Hercules style Exalted game.

    So, in my game (which will draw heavily from 2E and 2.5) the GC is gone because it wasn't really necessary. Some circle already found a way to get rid of it, and now Creation moves on, never even noticing it was even there. The story will revolve around the epic struggle to save, not merely Creation, but also the Unconquered Sun, by undergoing mighty quests, each of which are near impossible, but are the only means by which the UCS will ever find sufficient peace of mind to will himself free of the GoD.

    The game will start with what Little Beam signifies, which is that the Maiden of Endings has created new life, which is usually a precursor to the death of something that came prior. Certain Exalted recognize what this means, that the Sun is likely to let himself die in the coming years or will be killed as a result of his addiction to the GoD and inability to shield himself with his Temperance, and more importantly. have been able to figure out why. It has nothing to do with the GC, but the crimes that the Solars committed that had nothing to do with sudden flights of passion. The Solars needed no Great Curse to ignore Lunar spouses like Lilith being tortured by their all powerful spouses for centuries in the worst domestic abuse cases ever seen in Creation. No Great Curse was needed to gather together and pressure Sol Invictus into giving their ultimatum to Autocthon which permanently ended their relationship with him, caused Sol to be party of an unjust exchange, and ruined the People of Jade. Nor did any GC require them to treat the Mountain Folk with such cruelty in the following centuries. No GC required the existence of slave races. And no GC, as has been pointed out in the books, caused the Deathlords to throw their lot in with the Neverborn. This Chronicle will feel like a race against the clock to save the UCS and prevent the coming of an age where he has passed.

    In my upcoming Chronicles, I want to create stories that revolve around figuring out what were the Solars greatest crimes were, wronging the Lunars, Sidereals, Autocthon, Dragon Blooded, mortals, slave races and so on, and have them not merely fix their crimes as best as possible, but have them atone. For the Mountain Folk, this might mean not just raising each one of their fragmented souls up as a new, individual, Child of Adamant, but also transforming the worst of the FF nobles into Jade nodules until their are an additional 3 million more Children of Adamant besides, and then assure them a privileged place in the upcoming New Realm. For the Lunars this means not just reconciling with them, but also redeeming the worst of their number like Raksi and Ma Ha Suchi, as well as their chimera that they haven't been able to track down. Also, work until even the ones who murderously HATE the Solars like Lilith finally agree to forgive, and without using any unnatural mental influences or even relying much on social charms. And so on.

    Can anyone make some suggestions as to what other crimes I should focus on, that broke Sol's heart, and how I can have them atone for it? This game can also address the modern problems that the Solars have caused through Lyta, Havesh the Vanisher, and the Bull of the North. Maybe the Solar Exalted will have to redeem or purge them as part of their apology to the UCS. I am just fishing for ideas and inspiration right now.