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Pathfinder Solars 2nd Draft Complete For Real This Time

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  • Pathfinder Solars 2nd Draft Complete For Real This Time

    I say "second draft" because I did actually finish converting all the Solar Charms and Castes several years ago... and then EX3 came out and all the 2e Charms Trees that weren’t really compelling before gained a bunch of totally sick abilities like turning your Familiar into some kind of legendary god-beast and flickering invisibly in and out of combat like some kind of terrifying ninja-spectre, and all the already-compelling Charm trees got even more sick shit like being able to turn super saiyan and fire kamehameha blasts at people or using Immortal Blade Triumphant to give your weapon fffffucking Bankai. Needless to say I was inclined to update the work I did… and that turned into completely reworking every Charm tree so they work more or less like they do in EX3

    Some things that I know still need a once-over for my... 3rd draft:

    -About 2/3rd of the way through these I decided to nyx Surge Dice, add Excellencies, and institute a dice cap-like limitation on stacking Dominion Bonuses instead of just having Dominion bonuses work like regular named bonuses and not stacking at all, and not all the Charms have been updated to reflect this new math.

    -Came up with the Exalt-Arcana descriptor literally 24/25ths of the way through writing these so there's a bunch of Charms that will have huge blocks of their text erased and just have Exalt-Arcana added into their descriptions instead... eventually.

    -Initially had to eyeball the effects/bonuses/costs and how they stacked up to or stacked with the effects/bonuses/costs of other Charms until I instituted a Dominion Bonus cap and came up with a good formula. A lot of these Charms need a rewrite because they were just written before I had my formula.

    -I've only done the Solar Charms so no Martial Arts styles yet. Probably going to start with Single Point Shining Into the void 'cause it's my favorite, then do either Crane or Snake, then do the 5 Dragon Styles.

    -Limit Breaks need to be harder to shake off. What I’ve got here doesn’t really do them justice, but changing them is kinda low on my priority list when I’ve got martial arts styles to convert and a playtest Adventure Path to write.

    -And of course I just need to find all the typos, as with any long written work in its 2nd draft.

    Comments are enabled in the document itself on google docs so if you have suggestions feel free to leave them there or here in this thread.

    And with that I’m just going to use the rest of this thread to post some of my favorite Charm/Dominion Ability conversions with some commentary, and answer questions and suggestions if you have any. Maybe worth noting going forward that what I’m trying to do here isn’t to create a d20 version of Exalted, so much as I’m writing rules that lets you play Pathfinder in the Exalted setting with Exalted characters if you so choose.

    Let’s start off the show-and-tell by answering a question that a few of you who are familiar with Both Exalted and Pathfinder may already be asking yourself: “What happens when a Bard with Versatile Performance then picks up Penultimate Unity of Form?” The answer? Exactly what you’re imagining; he uses the one Perform skill he has max ranks and Skill Focus in for absolutely everything.

    Penultimate Unity of Form (Ex)
    Prerequisites: Any two Performance Dominion Abilities, Perform (any) 5 ranks, 3rd tier.
    Descriptors: None
    Cost: 3 motes
    Duration: As per the modified spell or ability.
    Benefit: When using an ability or spell that utilizes a particular Perform skill, you may substitute it for a Perform skill of your choice; you may use Oratory on Soul-Firing Performance and only spend as long as you would need on a dance, or fend off attacks using your singing voice while using Battle Dancer Method. In the case of a Bard’s versatile performance ability, this Dominion Ability does not effectively grant you any Versatile Performances you don’t have, but does let you use any Perform skill you want for any of the Versatile Performances you’ve learned. For example, if you have Versatile Performance (Percussion), you could elect to use your Perform (Sing) bonus on Handle Animal and Intimidate checks instead of your Perform (Percussion).
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    All the martial Solar Charm Trees basically have a big, showy Evocation... except Archery. When I was taking I second look at this tree I thought, "wow, you know what? That's a necromancy effect if I've ever seen one."

    Heart-Eating Incineration (Sp): Prerequisites: 3rd tier, Essence Arrow Attack, Dazzling Flare Attack, Solar Spike, Arrow Storm Technique.
    Descriptors: necromancy [fire], (spell level 4th)
    This Dominion Ability can only be used when your anima is at the 14+ level. You loose an arrow, and no sooner does it leave your bow than it explodes into either a 60-foot cone-shaped burst or 120-foot line of soul fire. This ability does 1d6 damage per caster level (maximum 15d6) to all creatures in the AoE. Creatures that oppose one of your alignment components instead take 1d8 damage per caster level (maximum 15d8) and creatures that oppose both of your alignment components instead take 1d10 damage per caster level (maximum 15d10). If you have no neutral component to your alignment, true neutral characters are damaged by this ability as if they opposed one of your alignment components. This damage is half fire and half your choice of negative or positive energy damage; either way this ability does not provide any healing. A Will save (DC 14 plus your Dexterity modifier) halves this damage.
    Heightening: At 5th level, you can spend a number of motes to increase the spell level (and associated Save DC) of this ability by 1 per mote spent, up to a maximum of your tier or 9, whichever is lower. If heightened up to at least 7th level, this ability’s maximum damage from caster level increases from 15 dice to 20 dice.

    -Fun Fact: Apocalypse Flare Attack used to be 3d6 damage per anima level reduced, maximum 30d6; this is what the ability looks like even after a huge nerf

    Apocalypse Flare Attack (Sp):
    Prerequisites: Fire-Eating Fist, Force-Rending Strike, Solar Cross-Counter, Reckless Fury Discard, Fists of Iron Technique, 6th tier, Improved Unarmed Strike, BAB 11+.
    Benefit: You can spend 4 motes to focus your anima in your hands (you must have a hand free to use this ability) until it shines with the intensity of a miniature sun, and then fire it in a line up to 100 feet plus 20 feet per tier long, ending in a 20-foot radius burst. You can spend any number of charges of Fire-Eating Fist; this attack does 2d8 damage per charge spent to all creatures and unattended objects in the area of effect. You can use charges of different energy types in any combination for this attack; the damage is always half fire damage and half divine energy damage as per flame strike. Energy damage inflicted by this attack is not halved against objects. A reflex save (DC 10 plus your tier plus your Charisma, Strength, or Constitution modifier, your choice) halves this damage. You can spend one or more additional motes when you use this ability to decrease your anima level by one step for each mote spent. For each step you reduce your anima by in this way, add 2d8 to the damage. Can gain a maximum amount of damage dice from spending charges, reducing your anima, and using two hands equal to 2d8 damage per tier. Peripheral Essence spent on this ability does not add to your anima banner. If you make this attack with more than half the maximum damage dice (based on your tier) on this ability, using it is a full-round action. Otherwise it is a standard action.
    If you use two hands for this attack, you can add 2d8 to the damage for free.

    Ascendant Battle Visage (Su):
    Prerequisites: Thunderclap Rush AttackStriving Aftershock Method, One With Violence, Improved Unarmed Strike, BAB11+, 5th tier.
    Cost: 9 motes
    Duration: 2 minutes per tier
    Benefit: You can activate this ability as a full-round action to merge with your anima’s iconic display in order to facilitate an awe-inspiring transformation. The appearance of an Ascendant Battle Visage varies from Solar to Solar: perhaps your hair changes color or lengthens, perhaps your eyes and any tattoos you have glow with an eerie, spiritual light, or perhaps your skin changes color and your muscle mass increases dramatically. In addition to these cosmetic changes, your anima stays fixed at the 12-mote level. It will not increase or decrease in intensity as long as this ability is active. Secondly, you gain 2d10 temporary hit points +2 temporary hit points per tier. Thirdly, you move like a blur as your base speed and any fly speed you possess doubles.
    Additionally, while this ability is active, a few other Brawl Dominion Abilities can be used more easily. If you have Greater Adamantine Fists of Battle, you can activate that ability for 2 motes instead of its normal cost. If you have Orichalcum Fists of Battle, you can also activate that ability for 2 motes instead of its normal cost (and without dimming your anima). When you would draw significantly from your Essence and anima banner to fuel your Apocalypse Flare Attack, your anima banner seems to dim slightly before flaring back up to the 12-mote level. Otherwise, you effectively have limitless anima you can use to fuel your Apocalypse Flare Attack, and can spend 1 mote in place of 2 charges to increase the damage of Apocalypse Flare Attack as much as you like (though you still can't exceed Apocalypse Flare Attack’s normal cap on damage). Lastly, if you have Fire-Eating Fist, you can activate that ability to gain fire charges from any damage you take as if it were fire damage.

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      I wracked my brain for a good hour and a half over how the hell to price Immortal Blade Triumphant before I settled on 11 motes, and only after that I realized "wait, this is pretty equivalent in power to a Quickened bestow grace of the champion spell, how much spell levels worth of energy would that be?

      Turns out 7 (bestow grace of the champion) plus 4 (Quickened spell level modifier) equals 11; I was spot on

      Immortal Blade Triumphant (Su)

      Prerequisites: Fire and Stones Strike, BAB 13+, 7th tier
      Duration: 3 rounds per tier
      Cost:11 motes
      Benefit: You may activate this ability as a swift action whenever your Anima is at the 12+ mote level or higher. Your iconic anima manifestation materializes around your weapon, shedding bright light out to 10 feet, normal light out to 20 feet, and dim light out to 40 feet. While this ability is active, your weapon cannot be disarmed and is immune to damage from all sources. Further, it becomes sheathed in white-and-gold flames; you deal an additional amount of damage equal to twice your tier on all your weapon damage rolls with your Anima-merged weapon. Half of this damage is fire while half is divine energy as per flame strike. This bonus damage does not stack with the bonus damage from Fire and Stones Strike (but unlike Fire and Stones Strike, this additional damage is not considered a Dominion Bonus to damage). As a final, free benefit, you may sheath or holster your weapon to end this ability early. When this is done, your anima returns to the 1-mote level for one round before disappearing, as if you hadn’t spent any peripheral Essence in the last minute.

      Another thing you might be asking yourself right now if you know both Pathfinder and Exalted pretty well is, "There's no real Pathfinder interpretation of Ephemeral Induction Technique that doesn't say 'you make your own Eidolon', is there?" and no, no there isn't

      Ephemeral Induction Technique (Sp)
      Prerequisites: Spirit-Caging Mandala, Carnal Spirit Rending, Ghost-Eating Technique, Spirit-Cutting Attack, Spirit-Detecting Glance, Knowledge (the Planes) 9 ranks, 5th tier
      Descriptors: conjuration (creation) (spell level 7), Mute, Exalt-Arcana
      Cost: 20 motes
      Duration: see text
      Benefit: You may activate this ability by targeting as square within an inward-facing magic circle spell within Close range as part of a 1 hour ritual, spending 3 motes every minute until you’ve paid this ability’s cost. Within this circle, a spirit is born.
      This spirit counts as and has the statistics of an Eidolon with an Unchained summoner with an effective level equal to twice your tier -1. Its alignment, subtype, and other statistics are determined principally by the Essence of the environment you create it in, but also slightly by your own Essence. If you use Spirit-Draining Mudra to pay this ability’s cost, the Essence of the creature you draw from also strongly determines the nature of the Eidolon you create.
      After the ritual is complete, the GM decides the alignment, evolutions, subtype, skills, feats and other statistics of the Eidolon, but should allow you to use skill checks and magic-based inquiries to give you some kind of idea of what Eidolon this ability will create based on the Essence you feed to it.
      This Eidolon is completely independent of a summoner, as if it were a normal outsider of its subtype; it heals naturally on its own, has a CR equal to 2/3rds it’s HD, and is considered native to the plane you created it on, regardless of its subtype. An Eidolon will serve you, often happily, if what you ask of it aligns with its own beliefs and goals (such as they are for the powerful, knowledgeable, but newborn creature), for 20 days. During this time, it may come to consider you or your allies its friends, allies, or perhaps even parents, or it may grow to dislike or hate you, depending on its experience. After these 20 days have passed, the outsider is free to make its own way in the world, though it is a valid target for planar ally or planar binding spells in the future, and your past relationship with it may make securing its help easier or harder.

      Glorious Solar Saber (Sp): Prerequisites: Call the Blade, 1st tier
      Cost: 4 motes
      Duration: 2 hours per tier.
      You conjure a golden sword of pure Essence with an appearance based on your personality or preference. Each time you use this Dominion Ability, you choose either a short sword, long sword, scimitar, bastard sword, great sword, nodachiUC, wakizashiUC, or katanaUC. This weapon has hit points equal to 7 + your tier, hardness 10 + your tier, an enhancement bonus of 2 plus half your tier (maximum +5, not including weapon qualities) and the holy weapon quality. You can exchange this enhancement bonus for any of the following weapon qualities: flaming, flaming burst, axiomatic, or keen. You may exchange two points of this weapon’s enhancement bonus to give it the appearance of an orichalcum essence-reactive weapon and deal damage as if it were one size category larger. This Dominion Ability is a conjuration (creation) effect. This ability uses the same action economy as drawing a weapon (so as part of another move action if you have a BAB of +1, or as a free action if you have the Quick Draw feat, for example). You may have up to two Glorious Solar Sabers manifested at a time.

      "But what if I'm already a Mindblade?" I gotchu fam

      Glorious Solar Mindblade (Sp): You gain this ability for free if you have both the Glorious Solar Saber Dominion Ability and the Psychic Pool class feature. If you do, you may manifest a Glorious Solar Saber for only 2 motes + 1 psychic pool point (regardless of whether or not it is a light, one-handed, or two handed weapon). For the purposes of magus Class Features and Dominion Abilities, this is considered both a magus psychic weapon and a Glorious Solar Saber, though it functions like a Glorious Solar Saber except where noted. You may exchange enhancement bonuses on this weapon for properties on both the Glorious Solar Saber list and the Arcane Pool list. You can only manifest one Glorious Solar Mindblade at a time (you can, of course, manifest one Glorious Solar Mindblade and one regular Glorious Solar Saber), until you gain the Dual Weapons Class Feature.

      "But how would I form a Divine Bond with a Glorious Solar Saber if it's effectively 'destroyed' every time the duration expires?" I GOTCHU FAM

      Divine Bond (Glorious Solar Saber) (Sp): If you have both Glorious Solar Saber and the Divine Bond class feature, you may select your Glorious Solar Saber as your Divine Bond (instead of your weapon or a mount); this does not count as a normal Divine Bond with a weapon and your Glorious Solar Saber does not have its Enhancement Bonus increased, but you can use Glorious Solar Saber without spending any motes once per day at Paladin level 5th and one additional time per day every 4 levels after the 5th, for a maximum of 4 mote-free uses at 17th level. As an additional benefit, any time you use Glorious Solar Saber, you can select its weapon properties from both the Glorious Solar Saber list and the Paladin’s Divine Bond (weapon) list.

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      "You're in an ancient Solar tomb."
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        "Okay, but Saga Beast Virtue must have been a /nightmare/ to convert; it's so complicated, and it uses a mutation system that has no real equivalent in Pathfinder!" No actually I had a ready-made system to adapt for that:

        Saga Beast Virtue (Sp)
        Prerequisites: Hide-Hardening Practice, Life of the Aurochs, Bestial Traits Technique, Spirit-Tied Pet, Friendship With Animals Approach; Handle Animal 5 ranks or Wild Empathy; an Animal Companion, Familiar, or Paladin/Cavalier/Samurai mount, 3rd tier.
        Descriptors: Transmutation, Heightening
        Cost: Equal to the Spell Level of the individual Spell-Like Ability used.
        Benefit: You can cast evolution surge as a spell-like ability. This spell-like ability can affect your pet nominated with spirit tied pet as if it were an Unchained Summoner eidolon, as if you had an Unchained Summoner level equal to twice your tier. Your pet is considered to have a base form appropriate to its general anatomy; Quadruped for a horse or a wolf, Serpentine for a snake or an eel, Aberrant for an octopus, et cetera. Select an eidolon subtype when you activate this ability; your pet takes on some physical aspects of that subtype, and your pet can only gain evolutions that can be taken by that eidolon subtype. You can only select an eidolon subtype for your pet that can have your pet’s determined base form.

        Deadly Predator Method (Ex)
        Prerequisites: Saga Beast Virtue, Hide-Hardening Practice, Life of the Aurochs, Bestial Traits Technique, Spirit-Tied Pet, Friendship With Animals Approach; Handle Animal 7 ranks or Wild Empathy; an Animal Companion, Familiar, or Paladin/Cavalier/Samurai mount, 4th tier.
        Descriptors: None
        Cost: 1 mote per spell level increased; see text.
        Benefit: Your Saga Beast Virtue ability gains the heightening keyword, with the following effects:
        Heightening: You can spend a number of motes to increase the spell level of your Saga Beast Virtue ability by 1 level per mote spent, up to a maximum of your tier or 7, whichever is lower. Each spell level increase grants your target two additional evolution points. If heightened to at least 4th level, you can split the evolution points granted by this ability between up to two evolutions. If heightened up to at least 7th level, you can split the evolution points granted by this ability between up to three evolutions.

        "Yo, does All Souls Benediction work on Haunts?" It does!

        All Souls Benediction (Sp)
        Prerequisites: Material Exegesis Prana, Spirit-Manifesting Word, Knowledge (the Planes) 5 ranks, 3rd tier
        Descriptors: Abjuration (spell level 5), Exalt-Arcana, Heightening
        Cost: 14 motes
        Duration: 20 minutes per tier.
        Benefit: You activate this ability as a standard action, unleashing a wave of holy sunlight affecting creatures and haunts within 150 feet of you. All fey, outsiders, and intelligent undead in the area must make a Will save and all Haunts in the area must make a caster level check (DC 15 plus your Charisma modifier in both cases). Creatures that fail this Will save immediately become material if they were Ethereal and cannot become Ethereal again until this ability’s duration expires. Incorporeal creatures that fail their Will save can be affected by attacks and magic as if they were corporeal for this ability’s duration. Undead that fail their saves may choose to instead immediately enter Lethe (or whatever the natural destination for the souls of the dead is supposed to be in the setting, such as awaiting judgement in Pharasma’s Boneyard in the Inner Sea setting) instead. Haunts that fail their Caster Level check are destroyed automatically.
        Heightening: You may spend a number of motes to increase the spell level (and associated save DC) of this ability by 1 level per mote spent, up to a maximum level of 9 or your tier, whichever is lower. Each level you increase this spell also increases the DC of the caster level check a haunt must make to avoid destruction by 1.

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        "You're in an ancient Solar tomb."
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          There was actually a whole buncha Charms that I couldn't convert into Pathfinder abilities without them all really just being boring incremental upgrades to Cascade of Cutting Terror, and then I noticed the Thrown tree doesn't really have a good "Glorious Solar [Thing!]" Charm and thought "What if, instead, I just straight-up gave Solars -Gate of Babylon-?"

          Gate to the God-King’s Treasures (Su)
          Prerequisites: Cascade of Cutting Terror, Triple Distance Attack Technique, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, 3rd tier
          Cost: See text
          Duration: all abilities granted by this Dominion Ability are instantaneous
          Benefit: You gain Shower of Fantastical Blades and Relic Blade Launching Technique:

          Shower of Fantastical Blades (Sp): Your Cascade of Cutting Terror now creates phantom copies of various wondrous weapons you’ve wielding throughout your past lives. It can deal bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage, or even a combination of the three, as you choose.

          Shower of Fantastical Blades also grants your Cascade of Cutting Terror the Heightening keyword with the following rules:

          Heightening: You may spend a number of motes to increase the spell level (and associated Save DC) of this ability by 1 per mote spent, up to a maximum level equal to your tier or 9, whichever is lower. If heightened to at least 3rd level, the maximum damage of the AoE portion of the ability becomes 10d4 instead of 5d4. If heightened to at least 4th level, the maximum damage becomes 15d4 instead of 10d4. If heightened to at least 5th level, the area of effect becomes a 60-foot cone-shaped burst instead of a 40-foot cone-shaped burst, and it’s damage changes from 1d4 per caster level to 1d6 per caster level (maximum 15d6).

          Relic-Blade Launching Technique (Sp): You gain the ability to manifest and launch phantom weapons in place of making thrown weapon ranged attacks for one round by spending 1 mote as a free action. These can be essentially any melee or thrown weapon you can think of, but always have the statistics of either a javelin, spear, hand axe, dagger, club, short spear, dart, throwing axe, light hammer, starknife, trident, kunai, bolas, or shuriken.

          You make attack and damage rolls with these weapons as if you yourself had thrown them. Any feats or abilities you could apply to a normal thrown ranged weapon attack (such as Deadly Aim, Rapid Shot, Two-Weapon Fighting, Triple Distance Attack Technique, et cetera) can also be applied to attacks with these weapons. Weapons manifested by this ability are magical and grant a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls. These weapons manifest in and launch themselves from a square within 10 feet of you of your choice, and disintegrate a few seconds after your attack is resolved. Relic-Blade Launching Technique is a conjuration (creation) effect.
          You may make these attacks even if your hands are full, but you must be free to gesture emphatically, even with a held weapon. If you launch a weapon with this ability and Observer-Deceiving Attack, you need not gesture, and can make these attacks even while in a totally neutral stance or while completely restrained or paralyzed.

          These weapons are sized for a Medium creature, but you may spend 1 additional motes per attack to launch a weapon sized for a Large creature instead as if you were the appropriate size to wield it, likely representing a phantom version of an Essence-reactive weapon you owned in a past life.

          Limitless Falling Swords Attack (Sp): This ability works like Cascade of Cutting Terror with all the benefits of Shower of Fantastical Blades, but it must be heightened to at least 3rd level, and the area of effect is a 20-foot-radius spread centered on the target of your initial thrown weapon ranged attack; the weapons manifest in a dome formation above and around your target before launching inward.

          This ability’s area of effect is a 20-foot-radius spread regardless of how high you heighten it, but the initial attack must launched at a target within 40 feet of you, unless you heighten this ability to at least 5th level, in which case your initial target can be up to within 60 feet of you.

          Glorious Solar Arsenal:
          Prerequisites: Gate to the God-King’s Treasures, Cascade of Cutting Terror, Triple Distance Attack Technique, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, 3rd tier
          Cost: See text
          Duration: Instantaneous, except for Solar Arsenal Access, which is two hours per tier.
          Benefit: You gain the following abilities.

          Lesser Wonder Flinging Technique (Sp): This ability works like Relic-Blade Launching Technique with the following exceptions:
          -It’s duration is 24 hours instead of 1 round.
          -You manifest and launch non-magical masterwork weapons instead of magical weapons.
          -You cannot spend 1 additional mote per attack to make the weapons you launch large.

          Improved Phantom Weapons: Your Relic-Blade Launching Technique now launches +1 weapons at 5th tier, +2 weapons at 7th tier, +3 weapons at 9th tier, and +4 weapons at 10th tier. You may exchange this enhancement bonus for the following weapon properties at the normal rate: flaming, flaming burst, frost, icy burst, shock, shocking burst, holy, unholy, axiomatic, anarchic, keen, evil outsider bane, native outsider bane, fey bane, human bane, corrosive, corrosive burst, cruel, ghost touch, limning, thundering, phase locking, spell-stealing or brilliant energy.

          Solar Arsenal Access (Sp): You can spend 3 motes to manifest a weapon more permanently, up to 2 hours per tier, and wield it normally instead of launching it. In addition to the list of weapons including in Relic-Blade Launching technique, you can also manifest a longsword, short sword, great sword, bastard sword, kukri, scimitar, battle axe, hand axe, heavy mace, light mace, warhammer, gladius, katana, wakizashi, naginata, glaive, halberd, longspear, guisarme, longbow, shortbow, composite longbow or composite shortbow. These weapons have a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls, but you can spend 1 additional mote when activating this ability to instead give them an enhancement bonus and weapon properties as if they were created with Improved Phantom Weapons. These weapons are always sized for you unless you spend 3 additional motes to manifest a phantom Essence-reactive weapon. This weapon does not have the usual properties of an Essence-reactive weapon other than dealing damage as if it were once size category larger. This is a conjuration (creation effect). Weapons manifested with this ability disintegrate into motes of light after the duration expires.
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          "I roll Lore (Farming)!"
          "You're in an ancient Solar tomb."
          "I roll Lore (Farming)!"