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Just got my copy of Fangs at the Gate!

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    I got mine today. It knew it was going to look good. But damn if it isn't gorgeous.


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      I got mine yesterday and agreed!


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        Got mine yesterday as well. Super happy with it, as well as my canvas map.


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          I got mine as well! Letting it warm up from outside temps before I open it. I'm afraid the binding will crack or something.


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            Just got mine yesterday... but I thought it was supposed to have 3 silk bookmarks... 1 originally with 2 being unlocked in the stretch goals.

            Was there an announced change that I missed explaining why this is?

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              Got mine! Just the most stunningly gorgeous book. I STILL can't make heads nor hair of half the cursive labels on the Lunar map, even now that I have a big canvas print of it and can examine it as close as possible. One of the very, very few design things they've done wrong. But that is a minor complaint; it truly is stunning.


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                I'm glad mine arrived, I was worried it might have gone astray.

                I find the premises of the little notes on the map to carry much intrigue. I'll transcribe them a bit later, for the benefit of others.

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                  Okay, starting from the top left...

                  Eldaj: Star Jasmine Pavilion

                  Utahi: We wear the Jaguar Moon.

                  Wu Jian: Usurpers hold the Crescent Temple/Black Wave Reavers

                  Sunken Luthe: Leviathan charts his war.

                  The Bronze Tide: Lutha Palash burns his conquests./Silver Principate ruins

                  Fortress of the Fulgurite Spire: The Burning Eye

                  An-Teng: Snakes Who Walk/Liseli Golden-Leaf/Yeya's Daughters

                  Chiaroscuro: Trails of Amatha Kinslayer

                  {open desert}: Ketzepah Narrow-Ways

                  Luz Liura: Lotus-Seed treats with Lords of Madness.

                  Varang City-States: Smiling Zamisha Bedevils the Eskari

                  Prasad: Rogue Legions/The Dragon Bites its own Tail

                  Eye of the Killing Storm: Blood Nail tramples all enemies.

                  Mount Namas: Tarisa steers the living./Leopard rules the Dead.

                  The Nameless Lair: Ma-Ha-Suchi rouses.

                  The Seventh Legion: Dustheap of the Shogunate./Spent Arsenals

                  Greyfalls: Four Winds Throne

                  Thousand Fangs Army Total Control Zone: City of a Thousand Delights/Lair of Raksi Queen of Fangs

                  Shadow Fang Vanguard: Tayan Silver-Crowned rallies her own.

                  Iscomay, the Empire of the Bear: True Voice makes her legacy a weapon.

                  {northern coast land}: Gerd Marrow-Eater

                  Shattersea Bastion: Moon Cult Assassins

                  Skandhar-Bal: Seat of Varanthaiya

                  Black Winter Boneyard: The Rat Smiles

                  {north sea island}: Rukhsara remembers

                  Mountain of the Spider King: Aum-Ashatra bars the way.

                  The Scarlet Dynasty: The Scarlet Throne Lies Empty./Devouring the wealth of the world.

                  I have approximate knowledge of many things.
                  Write up as I play Xenoblade Chronicles.


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                    Thanks for that Levi!



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                      My copy arrived yesterday. Given this is Australia, I'm assuming that means most of them have arrived by now

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