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Just got my copy of Fangs at the Gate!

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    I got mine today. It knew it was going to look good. But damn if it isn't gorgeous.


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      I got mine yesterday and agreed!


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        Got mine yesterday as well. Super happy with it, as well as my canvas map.


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          I got mine as well! Letting it warm up from outside temps before I open it. I'm afraid the binding will crack or something.


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            Just got mine yesterday... but I thought it was supposed to have 3 silk bookmarks... 1 originally with 2 being unlocked in the stretch goals.

            Was there an announced change that I missed explaining why this is?

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              Got mine! Just the most stunningly gorgeous book. I STILL can't make heads nor hair of half the cursive labels on the Lunar map, even now that I have a big canvas print of it and can examine it as close as possible. One of the very, very few design things they've done wrong. But that is a minor complaint; it truly is stunning.


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                I'm glad mine arrived, I was worried it might have gone astray.

                I find the premises of the little notes on the map to carry much intrigue. I'll transcribe them a bit later, for the benefit of others.

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                  Okay, starting from the top left...

                  Eldaj: Star Jasmine Pavilion

                  Utahi: We wear the Jaguar Moon.

                  Wu Jian: Usurpers hold the Crescent Temple/Black Wave Reavers

                  Sunken Luthe: Leviathan charts his war.

                  The Bronze Tide: Lutha Palash burns his conquests./Silver Principate ruins

                  Fortress of the Fulgurite Spire: The Burning Eye

                  An-Teng: Snakes Who Walk/Liseli Golden-Leaf/Yeya's Daughters

                  Chiaroscuro: Trails of Amatha Kinslayer

                  {open desert}: Ketzepah Narrow-Ways

                  Luz Liura: Lotus-Seed treats with Lords of Madness.

                  Varang City-States: Smiling Zamisha Bedevils the Eskari

                  Prasad: Rogue Legions/The Dragon Bites its own Tail

                  Eye of the Killing Storm: Blood Nail tramples all enemies.

                  Mount Namas: Tarisa steers the living./Leopard rules the Dead.

                  The Nameless Lair: Ma-Ha-Suchi rouses.

                  The Seventh Legion: Dustheap of the Shogunate./Spent Arsenals

                  Greyfalls: Four Winds Throne

                  Thousand Fangs Army Total Control Zone: City of a Thousand Delights/Lair of Raksi Queen of Fangs

                  Shadow Fang Vanguard: Tayan Silver-Crowned rallies her own.

                  Iscomay, the Empire of the Bear: True Voice makes her legacy a weapon.

                  {northern coast land}: Gerd Marrow-Eater

                  Shattersea Bastion: Moon Cult Assassins

                  Skandhar-Bal: Seat of Varanthaiya

                  Black Winter Boneyard: The Rat Smiles

                  {north sea island}: Rukhsara remembers

                  Mountain of the Spider King: Aum-Ashatra bars the way.

                  The Scarlet Dynasty: The Scarlet Throne Lies Empty./Devouring the wealth of the world.

                  I have approximate knowledge of many things.
                  Write up as I play Xenoblade Chronicles.


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                    Thanks for that Levi!



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                      My copy arrived yesterday. Given this is Australia, I'm assuming that means most of them have arrived by now

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                        I still don't have mine they returned it to the shipper 3 damn times, and I have been complaining this whole time. Drivethrurpg has been an utter failure this year. No issues with my address just some pathetic issues from them. Hell, they offered me my money back and a $5 gift certificate, and I told them no, that the book was already paid for through the kickstarter and they can ship it to me 3 day delivery at their expense. Still waiting to hear back as they are arguing with the shipper trying to decide who is paying...