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  • Exalted miniatures


    I know that we don't have any dedicated Exalted Miniatures available to purchase.

    What would be your best analog type of miniatures to represent your Exalted.

    What would be your "must haves" if you had the choice of miniatures for your games?

    Thank you for your time and information!

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    Hero Forge.

    If I had the money I'd buy all of these:


    Pre-covid, I've used Flat Plastic Minatures:

    But that's only because I kickstarted it and have basically all of them.

    I've also used Warhammer models and the 2D D&D tokens.

    I have a 3D printer, but I haven't printed anything for Exalted.


    You don't really need minis though.

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      I stumbled on Hero Forge because of John’s Dynasty of Dovak thread and the pics above. Not purchased from it (yet) but I’d second his shout out, the interface is pretty neat.

      I’ve started using it to quickly knock up important NPCs so I have something better to wave at players than my usual doodles/descriptions.

      Some of our game’s characters (done before I’d got the hang of the poser beyond the defaults – much better/more interesting stuff can be done by someone with, y'know, talent...) if of any interest below as a further sample of what it can do.

      Earth-Aspect PC (with ridiculous hammer, aka Faith's Pillar)

      Wood-Aspect PC (mine, very deceased)

      Air-Aspect PC (new (previous character now on pilgrimage), sneaky)

      Cult of the Violet Fang Water-Aspect/Fae-Blooded antagonist (Snake/Water Dragon master and asshole)

      Fire-Aspect Sorcerer PC (the one who actually manages to achieve things...)


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        browse around Game Workshop's warhammer fantasy online shop - there are tons of hero characters. But ya, there are so many other sources of figures or places that sell STX files for really impressive models

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          Reaper Miniatures put out a line of Exalted minis back around '03-'04; they're out of stock, but you might be able to track them down somewhere.

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            Noble Knight Games is a good place for out-of-print games and gaming items.

            It appears they have a few of those that Reaper Miniatures produced.


            There are pictures of a lot more Exalted miniatures than that if you search Exalted Miniatures and use Reaper as the publisher--they are all out of stock. Though with Nobleknight, if they buy a collection, they will make the merchantable items available and update the website. So out-of-stock just means 'currently out of stock.'

            You may also wish to check out, which offers custom 3D printed miniatures.