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Sword Deity Manifestation (3e Solar Charm)

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  • Sword Deity Manifestation (3e Solar Charm)

    This charm is mainly for my Close Combat revamp, but it can be used for Melee. Replace Close Combat with Melee and use the prereqs listed in the brackets. This is intended to completely replace Immortal Blade, as it becomes completely out of control at high essences. Plus I like Wuxia.

    Sword Deity Manifestation
    Cost: 15m 3a 1WP; Mins: Close Combat 5, Essence 5; Type: Simple
    Keywords: Perilous, Weapon
    Duration: One Scene
    Prerequisite Charms: Grass Cutting Scythe (Heaven Sword Flash, Iron Raptor Technique)

    Let’s have a talk, one last time.

    The Solar infuses the entirety of their will and soul into their weapon; weapon and warrior becoming one. Upon having reached the apex of weapon mastery, the Solar becomes able to perform feats of swordsmanship that even other magical creatures would call miraculous. The Solar gains the following benefits:
    • The Solar’s anima becomes infused with their blade, glowing with all of their might. The Solar’s anima cannot be lowered below 3a so long as charm is active. Any anima costs of charms is reduced to 0a.
    • One has an easier time separating a soul from a man than a Solar from their blade. Choose a primary weapon upon activating this charm, the Solar cannot be disarmed from that primary weapon. If an effect attempts to contest this either by disarming or sundering the blade, the Solar gains (Essence or 3, higher) automatic successes on the rolloff. If the Solar is disarmed somehow, this charm immediately ends.
    • The Solar becomes a swordsman without peer, getting an edge above the Solar is simply impossible. Unless a withering attack deals at least five damage post soak, then the Solar’s initiative cannot be lowered below 1i from any attacks made at close range nor from effects that automatically strip initiative. Opponent’s still gain any initiative normally from an attack, but the Solar doesn’t crash.
    • The Solar is able to swing their sword without even physically moving their body by their will alone. The Solar may wield their blade telekinetically and may attack out to medium range as if using Iron Raptor Technique every turn. The Solar may wield (Essence) additional blades in this fashion beyond their main weapon. Despite the levitation power, normal disarming rules apply, and this charm will end if the Solar’s main weapon is disarmed or sundered. The Solar may also clash attacks made against them from any range.
    • Convert three on any withering attack post soak into automatic successes. Decisive attacks convert an equal amount of threshold successes into automatic damage. This only applies to the first attack every turn, every attack beyond the first made in a turn instead turns one die into an automatic success.
    This charm is mutually exclusive with Ascendant Battle Visage in the Close Combat rewrite. The Solar may only learn one or the other. In the standard Solar Melee set, it completely replaces Immortal Blade Triumphant.

    Read my shit at my homebrew topic, 2.5e and 3e material!
    Play Alchemical's in 3e now, you're welcome.