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Does anyone have a copy of Dean Shomshak's Lunar Bond rules?

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  • Does anyone have a copy of Dean Shomshak's Lunar Bond rules?

    A while back, Dean Shomshak released some awesome house rules for the 2nd Ed. Solar Bond, renamed the Lunar Bond.

    I remember it being really cool, but I'm having a time digging for my old digital files, scattered in different thumb-drives & externals. Does anyone have a copy of the rules?
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    If memory serves, the Lunar had 1 auto Lunar Bond to one Solar, but could form other Bonds (I believe 5 total) to different people/entities. She could even tailor some of them to be hostile Bonds to mark someone, like they were her arch-nemesis.

    The Bond focused on either; bonuses when working alongside positive bond mates or bonuses opposing bonded enemies. I think there were some other mechanics, like senses that went along with it. The MDV Penalties from the original 2nd Ed. Solar Bond were gone.

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    I believe this might be what you are looking for:


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      Lord in Heaven. Do you know how long I have been looking for this?

      God bless you, HighPriest. You have just made my day.

      None of my internet searches pulled this wiki up. What is this wiki, exactly? Is it for a private game?

      I don't know who Ashen Vespasian Hunter is, but I thank them, too, for saving it on this wiki.


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        Originally posted by Lunar Bond
        "A Lunar can form additional bonds to any people she wants, with one very important exception: The Lunar Bond cannot link two Lunars. Now and then, Moonchildren ask their patron why this is. Luna responds that “I didn’t choose you so could circle-jerk,” or words to that effect."
        Lol! I forgot this part.

        You the man, Dean.