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  • Flying Fortress / Citadel Type


    I'm currently working on my Exalted Setting and I'm looking for references for a flying castle / floating citadel type of map / image that I can use.

    I'd love to see your suggestions if you have the time


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    What type of thing are you looking for? Massive battle station? Floating city? Attack platform? Huge hollowed-out flying head covered in ballistas?


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      Well, there are the Directional Titans

      I don't recall what book they're described in - but if you think low orbit flying city/death-star (powered by a solar anima flare), then you're not really wrong...

      I could easily imagine a whole game starting out with the players finding one in ruins, conquering it, clearing it out, re-settling it, repairing it, getting it airborn again, finding new powersources for it (five whole PSVs!!!) and then some.

      There's also Sunken Luthe - the "atlantis" of Exalted - IIRC that's fleshed out pretty well in the West splatbook for 2nd ed

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        It would be a smaller then Luthe or the Direction Titans...

        I kinda dig the Skypoint / Vivane sourcebook image (

        It's more of a Flying Fortress / Safari Palace / Luxury pleasure palace that was comissioned for a Solar of the First Age so he could enjoy Creation's Bounty (and maybe travel to Malfeas, the Underworld and the Wyld) hunting game and such.


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          Zaibach Empire flying fortress:

          Laputa (a kind of ruined one)


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            One idea I had a while back was for a Hecatoncheire that was basically Castlevania - a big floating gothic castle that, when summoned to Creation, makes the area around it bleaker and bleaker until it turns into a shadowland if allowed to hang ominously in one place for too long.


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              I never knew that Zaibach Empire flying fortress was a thing... and the whole Castlevania/Hekatonthingy is a great idea!