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[Solar Awareness Remake] I spy with my little eye... (lots of pain)

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  • [Solar Awareness Remake] I spy with my little eye... (lots of pain)

    Hi everyone!

    Today, after a long delay caused by insane work schedules and a difficult ability to work, I have brought to you the Awareness remake!

    The first order of the day was to make actual rules for awareness rolls. The base system only had a few samples of difficulties! I hope these are to your liking

    Then the charms themselves. A lot of charms were collapsed or outright abandoned, one specific charm was split into three (you will know when you see them), and the initiative charms were greatly expanded. Awakening Eye is now merely very good, and the ridiculousness is a couple steps ahead

    As always, I hope you like this, and all feedback is welcome!

    Check my Exalted homebrew!

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    You could probably steal a page from lunars Sense-Sharpening Change and have Keen Sense penalty negation apply to sensory penalties to rolls with any attribute + ability and not just Perception based rolls. The core rules where you eat the full penalties for attacking someone in darkness even though you can spot them like they're in daylight are pretty weird.


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      True! I was kinda going for that but it slip the text. Fixing it now.

      Check my Exalted homebrew!