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OC Terrestrial-Spell: Omega Yeet

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  • OC Terrestrial-Spell: Omega Yeet

    Cumulus Barge, aka Cloud Trapeze, the Azure Chariot, or 'the Mega-Yeet'

    Circle: Terrestrial
    Cost: 15sm, 2wp
    Keywords: Perilous
    Duration: Instant

    This spell throws the caster through the air at a ridiculous speed. If they can reliably survive the landing, it can cover a short distances very quickly and effect an escape which cannot be effectively pursued.

    As the sorcerer begins casting the spell, he chooses a cloud in the sky he can see. This is not optional; the spell cannot be cast without a cloud. The cloud extends a thin tendril towards the caster, and upon successfully casting the spell, the tendril comes within reach of the caster's grasp. The tendril sucks back in to the cloud, hurtling the caster in to the sky at several hundred miles per hour.

    The spell surrounds the caster in a lozenge of still air that protects them from the force of the wind and allows them to slip through the air with little resistance. The caster may dismiss this protection at any time. Aerobraking at multiple hundreds of miles per hour may batter an unprepared sorcerer to death; treat this as an environmental hazard (8B/round, Difficulty 3 to negate) which lasts one round before terminal velocity is reached. Sorcerers with a Soak of 9 or a Hardness of 6 aerobrake without danger. Once a sorcerer has slowed to terminal velocity, they must still find a way to survive a fall from Extreme range.

    The alternative to aerobraking is lithobraking. Landing on the ground at multiple hundreds of miles per hour inflicts uncountable lethal damage. This normally kills the sorcerer instantly.

    The caster has little control of where they land; they can only choose their trajectory. A perfect shot can reach just over two miles away in thirty seconds.
    This probably isn't balanced. As much as I love the idea of yeeting yourself in to oblivion as a means of emergency egress or transportation, it's simply too inconsistent. A Lunar or Air Aspect with this spell can yeet with impunity; everyone else has to go fairly deep down Athletics charm trees to have a chance of survival.

    I have not yet given deep thought as to what the control spell benefit should be. As Look-Busy Loop put it on the discord, "If this spell is your control spell, you probably fucked up."

    Special thanks to for helping me think about the ballistics.
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    What kind of soak/hardness do you think one would need to safely skip across the ocean, or very large lake, by standing on the shore and flinging oneself parallel to the water's surface?

    Asking for a friend.


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      If you really want to go supersonic you'll need more speed. Double, easily.

      Check my Exalted homebrew!


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        A sorcerer with this as her control spell will be greeted by a flock of birds as she begins her descent. It is up to her to get the hint.


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          (Was supposed to delete this account post the data breach but I can't not ask this...)

          What, err, what happens when this spell gets distorted...?


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            I kind of love the idea of a Resistance supernal zenith sorcerer flinging himself across the city, plowing into the ground face-first, and using Adamant Skin Technique to pop back up completely unarmed.

            You shouldn't need that much Athletics, though? Soaring Crane Leap can be used repeatedly to survive long falls.


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              Originally posted by Moss Reynholm View Post
              (Was supposed to delete this account post the data breach but I can't not ask this...)

              What, err, what happens when this spell gets distorted...?
              You don't come down.

              No down. Just up.

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