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OC Terrestrial Spell: Road of Hands (revision to Grass of Palms)

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  • OC Terrestrial Spell: Road of Hands (revision to Grass of Palms)

    This is a revision of Grass of Palms. In addition to a pile of the kind of pedantic clarifications that inexplicably bring me joy, I tweaked the control spell benefit slightly and found a more elegant way to phrase how the hands work together to pick up preposterously heavy burdens - or, in the case of someone else's house, why they probably cannot pick up that burden.

    Road of Hands

    Cost: 15sm, 1wp
    Keywords: None
    Duration: One day

    The caster casts his will like seeds upon the ground, and soft hands of green and ashy shadow reach up from it. These hands form a carpet that spreads across the earth or floor and carries great weights at a steady pace.

    When the spell is cast, the hands spread out to cover the ground within short range (~40ft) of the caster. At the caster's behest, they will pick up anything or anyone that allow it, and carry it to where-ever the caster wishes by passing it from hand to hand at about 4 mph. The ride is very smooth for cargo and passengers alike.

    The hands can carry almost anything by working together. Every square foot of surface produces four ghostly hands. Each hand can comfortably carry five hundred pounds, which does not pass to the ground. The hands may stretch at most a yard from the surface where they appear.

    The hands cannot pick up structures rooted to the ground; they appear on the floor of the structure, and they cannot lift the surface they arise from. This has not stopped sorcerers from devising elaborate portable homes designed to be carried on the road of hands.

    Whenever the caster moves, new hands appear on surfaces that come within range. Hands out of range sink smoothly in to the earth and vanish. If the caster travels faster than the palms can pass cargo, then they set it down gently upon the ground as they vanish.

    The hands are not an obstacle; they're insubstantial fog to everything they are not carrying.

    The hands will appear on very steep slopes, but not ceilings or vertical walls. They do not appear on the surface of water or other liquids.

    The hands catch the sorcerer if he lands on them, reducing damage as though he had fallen one range category less.

    Control Spell Benefit: "Sticky Palms." The road of hands appears on vertical walls and ceilings as well. They can pass the caster and his possessions along ceilings or walls. The caster may command the hands to restrain anyone within reach; this is a Grapple gambit aimed with Wits+Occult, with a Control roll of 5+Occult. If the gambit succeeds, the hands maintain the grapple independently without the caster needing to micromanage, but they will only Restrain/Drag their victim, never Savage or Throw.

    Distortion (Goal Number 20): Instead of picking up whatever the caster commands and putting it where he desires, the hands pick up everything that holds still for them and carry it away from the caster to the edge of their reach and unceremoniously drop it.