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    Hey, so I'm starting a new campaign and am going to see if I can keep up with a weekly AP report. After doing a session zero with my players the game is going to be a game of political intrigue mostly focusing on house Nellens. Not all of the characters have fully fleshed out their backstories, but that will happen in the coming weeks if not already. There isn't much to say for the world building because most of what's currently being planned is just what's in the books, and some other stuff I won't put here for fear of spoilers.

    The party consists of Nellens Yao, a great physician having grown up with his uncle Chen guiding him towards the field of medicine and learning, and the physician Tepet Wan Xi who taught him officially. He wants to help a many people as he can and being a traveling doctor was the best way to apply his skills to that end. He also wrangled ownership of one of the family's wood manses that he uses to grow and harvest exotic plants for his work. His favoured spell is Wood Dragon Claw, it rests eternally in the tattoos of his arms, and bursts forth when he casts it. Also travels most places with his retainer, a mortal medical student of his.

    Nellens Nesalli, a poet and artist. Being a lost egg adopted by Nellens Nesalli took the coin and joined the legions, spending her talents writing propaganda, cyphers and messages. In the background she's angry with the infighting and corruption of the Realm, and works to purge it from the shadows with underground writing. Her husband died during a Wyld Hunt and she petitioned the other members of her circle to retrieve his daiklave, which is now wielded by her bodyguard and retainer Sparks Still Dance.

    Nellens Jonath a legion commander turned senator, also upset with the corruption in the Realm, but with a different dream. The rule of the deliberative, with senators voting on everything, and no empress at all. This is a major long term goal however, and he needs to make sure that the empire doesn't fall apart in the mean time. He wields the Nellens heirloom 'blade' Imprimatur in his quest.

    Cathak Jin Xuefeng, a legion commander turned monk. He's seen a lot and opted for an early retirement to refine his spirituality and wisdom, and pass that knowledge around to his circlemates. He favours no special artifact weapons nor armour, finding them to be unnecessarily intimidating and counterproductive to passing as a mortal, which he often does to manipulate a situation to his advantage, or just as a bit of fun.

    I have also mapped Juche prefecture and the surrounding area and hope to, maybe, one day, map Juche city and the Imperial city both. As well as a Nellens satrapy that will become relevant.

    Session 1

    The hearth are traveling to Nellen's Yao's uncle's villa just outside of Juche city. Their current route takes them from Arjuf Dominion up through the southwestern woods to Juche city. It is raining, with lightning crackling across the sky, and in the distance Cathak Xuefeng hears the sound of a battle, or rather the sound of a battle just ending. The group sprint forwards and round the bend to discover a group of grizzled killers holding up a group of monks, traders, and some kind of minister for the thousand scales and her entourage. The leader of the group was just in the middle of defacing a statue to the fire dragon when Cathak Xuefeng closed the distance in a few quick bounds, launching a hard Earth Dragon fist and driving her back. Yao summoned his Wood Dragon Claw, and Jonath set upon the large group of grizzled bandits. Between them they broke the group's morale and sent them running, while Xuefeng easily knocked their leader unconscious.

    They asked who was in charge and an exalted patrician, Sedaal Rein rose to her feet, she begged the group to help save her childhood friend, who was dying on the ground. At this point it would take a miracle, and with only seconds to spare Yao delivered a miracle. Snatching Berat from the very jaws of death by supernal medical skill, and then quickly applying yet more essence to close his wounds completely, leaving him bruised but alive.

    The bandit leader did not regain consciousness before passing them off to the local constabulary, so they opted to continue their journey to their destination and perhaps return to ask questions later.

    Some short days of travel later they arrived at Chen's villa. Or rather, his new villa. His old villa was much further back in the woods, away from the vineyards, his wife Jie could not stand to be so far from their important business. Hence construction the the new villa right in the middle of their mass of grape fields. After a short stopover with the aunt and a bit of praise for making a noteworthy ally in house Rein, the group were off to see Chen in the arboretum/laboratory in the back. He was enraptured stirring some ingredients into a paste while desperate assistants scrambled to get him what he needed. Yao knowing better than most made himself immediately useful, but sadly whatever reaction Chen was hoping for failed.

    After some brief catching up he insisted what he was missing was a particular sample of bone dust from his last trip up to the northern threshold. He was certain he had it at the old manor, but can't find it now. Held in a precious jade pot and lid he bid his nephew, if he was not to busy, to go and retrieve it. The last servant he sent to do so came back empty handed and frightened of the place. Nesalli sent her retainer and set about drafting some important letters to fellows in the legions.

    The group then rode out, and were joined temporarily by a young cousin, only 14 and not yet exalted, if ever she would be, who insisted that she heard servant children talking about the Bagaru, a deadly creature that lived in the old manor. She also got Yao to promise her his manse if the Bagaru got him, and with that departed before he could change his mind. Further down the road, when workers and fields became further separated and scarce, just outside a paddock of exotic death moa, a worker was spotted uncomfortably moving and scratching at her arms. After a quick dismount and diagnosis Yao determined this woman to be suffering from mid-stage puppeteer's plague. They further discovered she was the one sent to retrieve the bowl from the old manor. Sending her back with an old realm note as to her affliction the group pressed on.

    At the manor every entrance was locked, and in an oversight Chen forgot to provide them a key. Using the improvised tool of a bent nail Jonath picked the rear lock of the interior arboretum door. They also noticed scratch marks from some kind of sharp claws just above the door handle on the inside. Thankfully none of the doors in the place could be opened from either side without keys. Searching the arboretum and finding nothing, they then moved inside the house, finding some kind of packing list the movers were using, but without the ability to make heads or tales of it from a bureaucracy standpoint they had to pas up any knowledge it might contain.

    Checking the basement ready for bonesiders, instead the group found only a workbench with evidence that once the jade bowl had been there, but had been knocked over, spilling half the contents onto a crate beside it. A note to self revealed that Chen had been there, but he was leaving on another expedition in an hour and couldn't be asked to do more than belt the bowl's lid down tightly so it didn't happen again and move it to the less trafficked attic.

    On their way back upstairs Xuefeng and Jonath noticed something, through the feeling in the floor and the sound of rustling leaves, shapes moving in the arboretum. The group moved in to find a back of bonesiders making for the now open back door. Launching into them the dragonblooded clashed with the insane puppets of black bone and agony. Xuefeng and Jonath taking wicked slashing wounds, and Jonath becoming infected in the same swipe. The group returned harder than they received though, and quickly smashed the animated bones to dust. Yao then gave them the once over, closed their bleeding wounds and began treatment for puppeteer's plague.

    Then after spending 15 minutes outside to allow their animas to cool they returned inside to retrieve the bonemeal bowl and head back to the villa to ask some serious questions.

    And that's it for Session 1. All in all I think it went really well, and hopefully in the coming weeks we can build a bit more on each character's backstory and get them to get more involved in local politics and cloak-and-dagger stuff.
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      This is really cool!


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        Originally posted by Pram View Post
        This is really cool!
        Thanks! Also props to Campaign Cartographer 3+, which is how I made the map.


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          I need more maps! I love maps! City Maps... ALL THE MAPS!


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            Session 2

            Upon returning home toward the villa the group encounter two fangs of house guard coming back the other way, sent by Yao's uncle to support them and root out any bonesiders they find. They're relieved that the group tells them the bone horrors have been destroyed and they just need to go burn and bury them, taking great care not to make too much contact. The group then reached the villa and confronted uncle Chen, who was shocked that bonesiders and puppeteers plague could appear from nowhere. Working together they realize it could only be the bone dust, somehow it can turn a normal skeleton into a bonesider, and likely can infect them with puppeteers plague.

            According to Chen this is fantastic news, particularly because nobody was really hurt to badly in finding it out. He can't divulge why though as it's apparently a secret project. Either way that night at dinner aunt Jie asks the group if in roughly two weeks time they'll be available to help her with something. A village surrounding a cherry orchard nearby has apparently been in tax trouble quite a bit, but has been saved from becoming dispossessed for several years by fiat of the thousand scales, but now that the Empress is gone it looks like their luck ran out. Jie really would not like to have this village disappear so she's working on ways to figure this out and save it.

            That morning, very early, a messenger comes from Juche city. Apparently the bandit leader the group captured has awakened, but also been sentenced to death that day. Murder and assault of an exalt will do that. The group has to ride hard to arrive before her execution, although they're all good enough to make it without being fatigued. They gain access to the prisoner on the basis that they apprehended her and speak to her. She clams up but they figure out she has a slight eastern accent that she's trying to hide. After some verbal sparring and cat-and-mouse play they work out from her a deal. She tells them what she's doing on the Isle, and they save her from execution. They agree and she says she was paid to come there by somebody who didn't reveal their name or affiliation, but the boat that brought her was the Antelope, captained by a man named Rothrock.

            They thank her and go off to save her life, getting a meeting with the mortal judge that oversaw her case. She's reluctant to give a stay of execution, but they insist it's for an investigation and on the senator's word she gives them a note delaying the punishment. Upon returning to the gaol and giving the order a drab figure emerges from the shadows next to the doorway. She asks them if the group likes tea, they say they do, she says the best tea is in Rising Leaves teahouse, on the fourth floor terrace, and especially at 3:15 where the sun isn't too high, nor is it low enough to reflect off of Ten Pines Temple and bother the eyes. She then leaves quietly.

            The group go there and find her sitting in a quiet seat tucked away in the corner. After pleasantries she confides in them that she's an agent of the august council of house Nellens. She was impressed by their attention and skills that day and decided to confide in them a secret. There's some dark rumors about their cousin, Nellens Lamanard, saying that peasants are disappearing, and all kinds of rumours about darker dealings with spirits. All so unsubstantiated that they're impossible to follow up on. Obviously if they're true this can't get out and ruin House Nellen's reputation, so the group agrees to scope out their good cousin's house.

            It doesn't help that his house is currently doing double duty as a fortress on the boarder of Juche and Eman prefecture, one owned by House Sesus, historical enemies of House Nellens. In the event that war breaks out this fort will be key in deterring forces from moving into Juche.


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              Looks like things are spicing up! Can't wait to see what happens next.

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