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  • Forum bug

    There's a bug right ? I see that the last messages on every topic are back from 20/03/2021, but when I go in topics it appear there are messages from yesterday. Am I alone in this ?

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    Yes there is, I'm curious if I've just fixed it though.

    Edit: Okay for the benefit of people who don't look elsewhere Ask the Devs v2 was the cause and thus it's kind of been placed in limbo I tried having it stickied like its predecessor was but I saw signs of the "empty response" problem when I did that. I'm hoping to restore it as a readable (but locked) thread once sufficient time has passed.

    I'm trying to not let threads get past 100 pages now it seems harmful to the forum long-term and as people saw with the data breach the administrators appear to have enough on their hands.

    Lastly, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who remained patient.
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