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does anyone still play 2e?

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  • does anyone still play 2e?

    I want to play exalted 2e but have found few players and almost no dms who will run it. is there a group who could take a new player (me) or who want to start up a game (i could be convinced to run)?

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    I play 2.5. I know of 5 steady Play By Post games, if it interests you.

    Feel free to PM me, if you like.


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      That said, I prefer 3rd Edition. Good luck!

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        Originally posted by Lesley (dm) View Post
        does anyone still play 2e?
        Gosh, I hope not.

        But seriously, play the edition you think is most fun. If you prefer the themes and gameplay of 2E, don't let anyone tell you that you're wrong. You do you.

        Personally, I can't imagine going back. What is it about 2E that appeals to you? Maybe I can point you at a gaming community you'd really love?

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          Yeah, I'm playing in a 2.5 game now, and there's a strong possibility I'll be running a 2.5 game as my next campaign. Unfortunately, I can't help you out too much on joining a game - most of us have gotten vaccinated, so we're transitioning back to in-person gaming and not looking to take on remote players at the moment.

          I can definitely say that there are players out there interested, though. I've met a number of people out "in the wild" who have played significant amounts of 2e. So, good luck finding an online game or some locals interested.
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            There's a dedicated 2e channel on the Discord server, and a few ongoing PBP games there

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