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Questions on the Cinder Isles?

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  • Questions on the Cinder Isles?

    Hello all, I am working out a starting location and I am having trouble figuring out some stuff?

    1) Where is the Cinder Isles?
    I want to players to be able to see where it is on the map, but I can't seem to see the Cinder Isles on the maps? Is it on the Lunar map, the core books, or the Dragon blooded?

    2) Also anyone know which Great House has satraps in this area? I would like to know who controls this area in canon, I will likely just hand wave it as House Peleps but if I do that I want to have a back up reason why in case one of the books says otherwise?

    3) Reserved for more dumb questions...

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    1. Straight south from the Caul until it says “Cinder Isles” all big.


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      Ah thanks, I couldn't seem to find it on the Lunars map because it was on the core map. Arg to many maps.


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        Searching through the PDFs, there does not seem to be anything tying the area to a specifc Great House, but I do have some thoughts about nearby satrapies:

        Nearby An-Teng is described as a place for Dynasts to indulge with prostitutes (Exalted, p. 100; What Fire Has Wrought, p. 92) and a place from which House Cynis import narcotics (What Fire Has Wrought, p. 40), so I would definitely give An-Teng to House Cynis.

        House Ledaal would be my candidate for Lathe as it is plagued with demons and it is in route to both Faxai and An-Teng (Exalted, p. 101). The demon thing is a fit with House Ledaal due to the Shadow Crusade (What Fire Has Wrought, p. 44) while Faxai and An-Teng fit with House Ledaal because Arjuf is sending soldiers to the former (What Fire Has Wrought, p. 45) and merchant vessels to the latter (The Realm, p. 126). Finally, Lathe is interesting for you as it is the gateway to the Cinder Coast (Exalted, p. 101).

        As for the Cinder Isles themselves, I would go with House Peleps, but that is mostly due to the podcast Fall of Jiara saying that Peleps Maera has sailed there, and as far as I know that is not based directly in canon.
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          I think there would be little to no Realm presence there. Great big archipelagoes are historically hard to control by a faraway empire. Mostly I think dynasts consider it little more than a distant backwater, something to dust off once the Caul is properly in the hands of the Scarlet Dynasty.

          Not to say that some explorers from the Realm are never seen, but they would be a pretty rare sight.

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            Canonically, Zhaojun and the Caul are the farthest extent of Realm control in the Southwest. The Cinder Isles are independent, and at least one Lunar (Lukha Palash) is active there.

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