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Power Bow with Rings of Fire: Evocation?

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  • Power Bow with Rings of Fire: Evocation?

    Hello all, I was talking to one of my players and my group usually me do the work on coming up with balanced evocations once they present an idea. Unfortunately my ability to determine whether something is a bit OP or will under perform is failing me to today, so I thought I would turn to you. My player suggested that their new artifact power bow has evocations designed around creating large rings of fire to control his foes ability to move, so I thought I would ask you all first.

    Ring of Fire
    Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 1
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: Decisive Only
    Duration: One scene
    Prerequisites: None

    Fluff: Instead of firing an arrow at a target the archer summons forth the power of his bow striking the earth with an arrow causing glorious lava to spring forth in a ring of terrifying death around his foe.

    Mechanics: This attack allows the archer to perform a difficulty 1 gambit if successful the targets move actions (Rush or Disengage) force him or her to move through Lava requiring the normal environmental effects. Environmental: 6L & difficulty 5 to avoid or resist the damage. If the target is struck by smashing attack or is somehow knocked from their current location, they will be exposed to the lava as normal.

    Notes & Concerns:
    1) As written, does this mean you could use Fiery Arrow Attack on this attack to automatically trigger the gambit?
    2) As written, does this mean you could not use something like Arrow Storm or Trance of Unhesitating speed to lock down multiple targets? Hence, why you would need the upgrade charm?

    Rage of Pele (change to your resident volcano god of choice...)
    Cost: -; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: -
    Prerequisites: Ring of Fire

    Fluff: After exposing this sacred artifact to the roaring anger of Pele, it has become even more powerful and its rings of lava now are not limited to just one target.

    Mechanics: This purchase enhances Ring of Fire, to a supplemental charm which will allow it to be used with extra action charms. In addition the difficulty and damage of the lava ring will be increased by each dot of Essence the wielder has.

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    1) You must mean Force Without Fire, right? Reading the Evocation as written, it says that the character has to go through the lava only on on his move actions, like rush or disengage actions. Being thrown is technically not a move Action from the target. (I don't really see what's the big matter with allowing the combo, either way).
    2) No, you cannot use two simple Charms in the same round (exalted core 252), and Trance of Unhesitating Speed and Ring of Fire are both Simple. So, the upgrade is valid.